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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cover Reveal: Is This Love? by Bridget Midway

Coming October, 2015 from Phaze Books - The Final Chapter in the Love Series!

Rocco Silva has zero interest in getting in front of the camera again. After being eliminated when he competed on “Slave to Love,” a reality TV show where a submissive looks for a Dominant, he pours his full concentration on his work as the owner of a garbage company until a sexy woman walks into his life.

Gia Curtiss is tired of her work as a staff photographer in a discount store. After earning her filmmaking degree, she wants to put her education to use by doing a documentary. After a friend tells her of an opportunity to work as a production assistant for Ananda Morton, the producer of “Slave to Love”, Gia decides to see the woman about a different proposition. She pitches the idea of doing a documentary on the eliminated Dominant from her show. Ananda doesn’t think the man will do it and challenges Gia to get him to agree. If he does, Ananda will hire her as a director.

Gia thinks she has it made until she runs into opposition with Rocco. He has no interest in making a fool of himself again unless Gia agrees to go on camera with him, allowing him to play with her.

When Gia gets caught up with playing with Rocco, it’s hard for her to discern what’s real and what’s just for show. Can she figure out her feelings before filming ends? Will he allow himself to be vulnerable for this special woman?

While you're waiting for SLAVE TO LOVE and IS THIS LOVE?, pick up the first book in this hot trilogy: the EPIC AWARD finalist LOVE MY WAY.

BDSM Dominant, Eagan Morton, is in search of a new submissive via a reality TV show, Love My Way. Bent on revenge, Ananda Zelder participates. Will love dominate or will they submit to outside pressures?

"Kickin' It with Adrienne Kama and Bridget Midway"

Join contemporary interracial BDSM erotic romance authors, Adrienne Kama and Bridget Midway, on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Patriot in Williamsburg, Virginia for a BDSM education and lots of fun! The authors will be releasing books to the attendees first. Adrienne will be releasing the 3rd book in the Stella Rice series and Bridget will be releasing the 3rd book in the Love series, called Is This Love?

For more information on this event, and to register, go to

Hope to see you there!

Stay sexy,


Friday, March 20, 2015

25% Off Sale at!

Get some money back from Uncle Sam? Come to and save 25% on all eBook and print titles. Use code TAXTIME at checkout to get the discount. This includes all new and backlist romances. Good through April 15, 2015.

Cover Reveal: Weekend at the Beach by Veronica Tower

Coming in May from Phaze Books!

Samantha Carr thought she was giving her son a nice little holiday—a final weekend at the beach before the start of his senior year in college. When he asked if his friend Matt could come along to chase girls with him of course she hadn’t minded. She couldn’t know that Matt liked his women a little more mature and that he’d have eyes only for her.

Now she’s trading in her quiet weekend with her book for a new romance, enjoying herself like she hasn’t in years. But when Matt makes it clear that verbal games aren’t all he’s after, Samantha will have to decide how far she’s willing to go to have the perfect Weekend at the Beach.

About the Author

Veronica Tower was married to her high school sweetheart for five deliriously happy years and ten far less wonderful ones. Now she is taking the time to make up for lost opportunities. In addition to returning to school to pursue a degree in psychology, Veronica has committed herself to fully exploring her fantasies, both in writing and in person…

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Discounts on Select Phaze Titles at Amazon and ARe!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop

Inner Goddess
Hello! We are thrilled to be part of the St. Patrick's Day blog hop. It's a great time to find romances to read, and we have plenty to share. We've been lucky over the last decade to publish extraordinary authors, and for this blog hop we're not only giving away cool prizes, but discounting some favorites at All Romance.

For the duration of this hop, the following are 50% off at ARe:

Morningstar by Jade Falconer was one of our first long M/M works. It's an thrilling story of a vampire and a vampire hunter - two people you'd least expect to fall in love. They do, and it's an uphill climb to happily ever after in a world of turmoil.

Love My Way by Bridget Midway is an EPIC Award finalist and super-hot. Imagine The Bachelor with an extra kinky twist, and you have the story of Eagan searching for his perfect submissive. Bridget writes exceptional BDSM romance and if you haven't read her work, try this before the sequel comes out this summer.

For Old Times Sake by Sarah Winn was an All Romance Book Club selection when it was first published. It's a small town romance about second chances that remains fresh. If you like quiet contemporary settings with some heat between the sheets, pick this up for half off!

Don't forget the giveaways below. We put in a $20 GC to in the grand prize drawing. Good luck!


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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New From Marie Rochelle: Stormy Weather

$4.99 eBook, $12.95 print - Buy from
Add to Goodreads.

First in the new Williams Sisters series!
Her body ached for his touch...

Luxury might be the name of her business; however, Rachelle Williams had never experienced the luxury of breaking out of her safe little box by doing something spontaneous because it wasn't in her nature. She might look like a sexy free spirit, but it wasn't true. She never thought about crossing the line by breaking any of her golden rules until a stranger walked through the front door.

The invitation in her eyes captivated him...

Cash Garon was at the height of his career hosting his own show 'The Gossip.' Yet, he wasn't getting the fulfillment money and success was supposed to bring. He felt like something important was missing, but he couldn't quite figure out what it was until he saw Rachelle and everything became clear. He wanted her and he would have her. All he had to do was make her see letting go of the 'good girl' image wouldn't be so bad.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

30% Off Select Romances at ARe - Fantasy, MM, and Interracial Romance

Now through March 16, get 30% off these select titles from Phaze Books! Satisfy your desire for hot romance in some of our biggest selling genres:

Charisma by Wendy Stone - Charisma is a siren, the last of her kind. She is running from a man who wants to use the sirens' songs for evil purposes. Kadian James has his own special powers. He hunts down the beautiful redhead who bumped into him, wanting to save her from her own hell.

Polar Opposites by Kev Henley - Touched by a native of the world he's visiting on furlough, Vyn explores the irresistible bond to this cute young shape-shifter, and together they struggle with the predicaments this taboo relationship inflames. Yet, as invaders gain the upper hand with a mystifying and devastating weapon, Vyn and his szu-ahni lover, Sza-dre, might just be the catalyst needed to save both races from genocide.

The Last of Fion's Daughters by Brenna Lyons - In the years before unification, Ro Ti, king of the Magden, fights to bring peace to Kegin. Already, the Lengar have wiped Fion’s children, the green-eyed matriarchal priestess class, from the face of the world. Deliya is the last of her race, a queen without a kingdom, a priestess who holds the secrets of the ancients. She wants Ro’s child to carry out Fion’s will. He wants the warrior priestess to be his queen and the mother of his heirs. The Goddess of Love will decide. Only with a sign from Fion will Deliya take her place at Ro’s side for all time.

The Dream Ring by Ann Regentin - Cecilie is supposed to be weaving silks for the Princess' wedding, but she's distracted by dreams of an acrobat, dreams that seem a bit too real. Achim, the acrobat, is having the same dreams and he knows they are a bit too real. Someone, he believes, is tampering with their minds.

Wicked Game by Jade Falconer - Niels got more than he bargained for when he broke into a certain townhouse in the fashionable section of London. The arrogant and dictatorial lord who caught him red-handed was more than willing to take advantage of the situation. Temporarily forced into a unique form of servitude, Niels learns more than he ever expected to about the decadent ruling class that he wants so badly to emulate.

The Cowboy and the Thief by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael - What do a jewel thief, a stain glass artist cowboy, pink elephants, and a Nostradamus-believing faith healer all have in common? Not a damn thing--unless you're Adrian Williams, jewel thief extraordinaire--or Jamie Holland, the stain glass artist who stumbles into Adrian's world.

Just a Dream by Aliyah Burke - Caden Bradshaw has vowed never again to get involved with a military man. Having lost her Navy husband to war, she knows she couldn't bear to suffer another loss. Her determination fades quickly on meeting handsome Gunnery Sergeant Liam Quinn.

Schooled by RaeLynn Blue - For ten years, teacher Harper Perry had attended Parent/Teacher Conferences with dread in her heart and a smile plastered on her face. The last thing she expected was the instant attraction to her most problematic student’s father.


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Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Menagerie: Rock Stars, Wolves, and the Quiet Ones

Welcome to March! They say the month comes in like a lion...more like a snow lion depending on where you live. Monday's a great time to add some love to your digital reader, and we picked three stories from our catalog we think you will enjoy.

Sex Type Thing by Jade Falconer (M/M)

Buy: Phaze / AMZ / ARe / BN

It doesn't look good for one of rock's most famous faces to cause a wreck, especially if he's been drinking. Yet Ian Jeffries does just that, right into another man's car. Musician Tony Simpson isn't amused by the damage, despite being taken by tabloid magnet Ian.

Ian's willing to do anything to keep away more bad publicity. Luckily, Tony's willing to see the good in the rock scene's latest bad boy.

To Tame a Wolf by Wendy Stone (M/F)

Buy: PhazeARe / BN

Rose hadn't had the easiest of beginnings in this world. Her father had been killed, her mother taken by their conqueror. But when the Black Hawke decided he wanted to marry her mother and raise her as his daughter, Rose's mother hadn't been able to refuse.

But now Rose had reached her eighteenth season and a marriage contract had been made, a man chosen. Rose's excitement waned though, when her bridegroom seemed almost disinterested, caring little of her welfare or her comfort.

A stranger watched her, a handsome knightly man with fair hair and eyes that seemed to know what she looked like without her chemise. Would Rose be able to resist this man, to stay faithful to her bridegroom who showed such little concern for her? Would she be able to go back to Geoffrey and do what her father asked or would taming a Wolf be more to her liking? Would she be torn apart by this battle between her Wulf and the bridegroom chosen by her father or will she find the happily ever after she so desperately wants?

Strong, Silent Type by Gregory L. Norris (M/F)

Buy: Phaze / ARe / BN

Aspiring writer Tabitha Lawford and her emerald-eyed muse have a falling out, right when she thinks their relationship couldn't be better or more passionate. All attempts to woo him back fail and, as a last resort, Tabi signs them both up for a weekend of couple's therapy -- at a writer's retreat held at a remote mountain lodge.

Determined they'll either end their relationship completely or she'll get him to loosen his tight lips and stop the silent treatment, Tabi adds a bit of playful experimentation to spice up their stalled love life: writing on an antique Underwood typewriter instead of her laptop. Tabi has given up the ghost -- but can she win him back?


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