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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fairy Tale Magic Blog Hop + Giveaway

Welcome to The Fairy Tale Magic Blog Hop! Comment below to win a $10 GC to, and enter the widget below for the grand prize.

For years, our parent company Mundania Press has been synonymous with fantasy and sci-fi stories. It's no surprise that the genre found a home at Phaze Books, too. If you enjoy fairy tale-based romance and sexy tales, we hope you'll try some of our offerings:

Mama's Tales by Brenna Lyons: Three of Mother Goose's are best brought to life, each with a sensual twist. Have you ever felt you were only seeing half the story? Why did the three bears never see Goldilocks again? How bad was the Little Girl with The Curl in the Middle of her Forehead? What happened to Georgie Porgy? Find out in this delightfully sexy mini-anthology of stories you won't hear in school.

Beastly Intentions by Wendy Stone: In this sensual retelling of a popular fairy tale, a cursed lord takes in a new maidservant, tempted to give into her charms as her attraction to his beastly appearance strengthens. Can their overcome the obstacles that threaten them?

Fairy Tail by Courtney Bee: You'll never be able to look at Tinkerbell the same way again! In a fantasy world of dragons and ogres, hapless peasant Adam saves the life of a feisty fairy queen--who attempted to rob him! Now the tables have turned and forest law decrees that Adam shall be granted one wish. Taunted by the winged spitfire's luscious curves and fiery tongue, he knows exactly what he's going to wish for...

Comment below with your favorite fairy tale and we'll draw one winner for the Phaze GC!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hot 99 Sale at Amazon! Select M/M and Contemporary Romances from Phaze

All this week we have select contemporary and LGBT romances on sale at Amazon for under a dollar each! This is a great time to fill your Kindle with stories by your favorite Phaze authors, including:

A Knight at the Speedway by Jaxx Steele (M/M) - Professional motorcyclist Khristopher Knight's greatest day comes when he qualifies to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, until he realizes he has no one with whom to share the moment. Artis Kent has not seen Kris since college. With his race ticket in hand, he has the chance to meet the riders and maybe open the lines of communication again.

A Knight's Tale by Jade Falconer (M/M) - When young Lord Thomas' father is killed, the King sends a band of knights, led by handsome Sir Henry, to protect the lands over Lord Thomas' objections. Though their love is forbidden, over time, they cannot deny how they yearn for each other.

A Magical Story by Shayne Carmichael (M/M) - In less than one match, Hawk finds his life completely changed, and he now belongs to the wizard, Brael. Regardless of the fact Hawk has adored Brael since his youth, he's now a grown man and things are different. But are they really?

A Matter of Trust by Zena Wynn (M/F) - Traci Morgan thinks her marriage is over. Her husband, Rick, is determined to prove her wrong. What he'll need is a blindfold, a few silk scarves, and a whole lot of trust from Traci to put things right between them.

Truth or Dare by Leigh Ellwood (M/F) - Rock legend Brady Garriston finds his muse in the lovely and uninhibited school teacher Ellie Shaw, and soon the two are making more than just beautiful music together. But will Brady's deception bring on a sour note to their relationship? And what of the secret Ellie is keeping from Brady?

Our Kindle deals won't last! Watch for new releases soon from Bridget Midway, Temple Madison, Brenna Lyons, and Marie Rochelle!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Now Available: And It Was Good by Brenna Lyons

Buy now at Phaze Books!

Raised in the temple by servants and trained daily in sacred technology, the godlings lead a fiercely competitive but pampered lifestyle.

Those who are fast, precise, and aloof are worthy of the GODs' continued attention. Those who fail mysteriously disappear. When an aging GOD-Node must be retired, everything changes.

Thrust into close quarters with members of the opposite sex for the first time in their lives, Julee and Staphan's un-GODlike desires may set them up for failure.

Or maybe it will free them to reap rewards beyond their wildest dreams.


Book Preview

GOD-Node 103 looked out at the changes they’d made that day—and it was good.

But Node 60 was aging. More and more conflicts were occurring in the code, conflicts that took time and precious resources to correct for—conflicts that could cause catastrophic loss of human life. Such a thing was inconceivable. Inexcusable. The Node would soon need replaced. It was time to begin the search in earnest.


Julee sat at her terminal, clutching her hands in her lap to keep her trembling a secret. All the time the GODs deliberated, separating the worthy young godlings from the unworthy and mediocre based on the results of their latest testing.

So far, each testing cycle had confirmed her as worthy of their continued attention, but what if she wasn’t? Would she be cast out of the temple school, a fallen godling among the human inhabitants of the planet?

Would she stay on in the temple, a humble servant to those who had proven themselves worthy? No one knew for certain where the temple servants came from, and it would be terribly rude to ask such a question.

No one knew where the unworthy godlings disappeared to so quickly after being dismissed. Again, it would be rude to ask.

Rude and beneath notice of my kind. So speaks the Benevolent Ones and the Great Book. Godlings have not the concerns of lesser beings. Or those of GODs.

The screen came to life and the message appeared.

Proceed to Masters’ Class, most worthy godling. Your cubicle assignment is M-2.

Around her, other worthy got to their feet, and she rushed to join them. Neither of the godlings who’d bordered her terminal moved.

Julee tried to ignore their pallor and the tang of fear in the air. She was still worthy of the GODs’ attention, and it would be frowned upon if she concerned herself with the unworthy. That was the concern of the GODs and not her own. It would be presumptuous to think of herself in terms of doing the same things the GODs did.

The classroom was eerily quiet. It was always like this when the young were tested. No one cheered. No one sobbed, worthy or not. Even the unworthy had their pride and discipline.

Julee let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding as she eased through the doors that had opened into the Masters’ classroom. Her heart stuttered as they closed behind her. She pasted on a look of disinterest and took the next open terminal in line, bypassing the godlings still taking time to evaluate what was undoubtedly an identical but smaller classroom to the many others they’d seen.

She tested the key function on her terminal, then the logic circuits, and finally the randomizer. Relieved that all were in working order, she glanced around to take a head count of the advancing class. Julee swallowed hard at the truth.

“It’s a much smaller group,” the girl to her left noted. There was a slight quiver in her voice that everyone would pretend not to notice.

I will pretend not to notice. Perhaps the others truly do not; maybe I am unworthy and hiding it.

Julee pushed that thought away and did the mental math on the test results. The group was much smaller. The early testing had only eliminated two to five percent of the group at every cycle. This last had taken a full seventy percent, leaving only a half dozen worthy godlings, three male and three female.

But it wouldn’t do to show more than a mild interest in that information. “They were unworthy,” Julee dismissed the comment.

It was undeniably true. She’d seen many godlings fall from grace in the eight years they’d been actively tested for ascension. The ten before that had been spent in preparation for the testing to prove their worth. If a godling had faulted in taking in the sacred learning to move forward, he or she could blame no one but the unworthy self. So said the Great Book.

A snide male voice brought her head around. “Let me guess. You want to be a GOD.”

“Of course,” she replied simply. “Doesn’t everyone here?” It was every godling’s fondest wish. Become a GOD and return to the source of all. Leave the temple and ascend on high.

The girl who’d spoken to her shifted as if discomfited, then went rigid. She feigned interest in her terminal, performing the same checks Julee already had. So she did pretend to be unaffected, just as Julee did. That was a relief.

The boy one seat farther left, the one who’d spoken, scowled.

“Well, don’t you?” Julee asked.

“The chosen worthy don’t become GODs.” He said it with a conviction that confused her.

“Of course they do.”

He didn’t reply.

She took a calming breath and motioned a screen between them with her hands. “Very well then. I will construct a game-zone. What do you think happens to them?”

“Maybe they’re sacrifices to the GODs and only the fastest and smartest are deemed worthy to be food of the GODs.”

Julee’s stomach rebelled at the thought of it. “That’s revolting. Sacrifices were outlawed more than twenty thousand years ago.”

“You don’t think they’d tell the ones to be sacrificed, do you?” There was a glitter in his eyes and something about his smile that made Julee distinctly nervous.

“Leave her alone, Caecee,” another boy ordered. “The instructors and Father have already hinted that your blasphemy is unworthy of a godling.”

The first boy darkened a notch and looked toward his terminal. Julee turned to the other, meeting his bright blue gaze. At a loss to find the words to thank him without seeming concerned, she tipped her head to him silently.

He looked back to his own terminal without a word or motion in return, and Julee wondered at the sense of loss that flooded her.

“Welcome, worthy godlings,” the Master instructor greeted them as all their former ones had.

Julee focused on him fully, blocking out her mind’s wandering to the boy who’d spoken in defense of her. To remain worthy, she had to receive, process, and apply everything the various instructors said. There could be no distractions if she wished to insure the GODs’ continued interest in her.


Staphan rechecked his code, wincing at the error halfway through. Speed was important, but accuracy was prized.

He corrected the error, then coded the transfer to the instructor. The typical praise of his work or suggestions for improvement didn’t come. Instead, a split screen appeared.

On one side was his work. On the other, there was a complementary program. Scanning them, he noted conflicts that would occur when the two were run together. He positioned the cursor to work the other program into compliance with his. Before he could begin typing, his own code started to change, bringing him to an abrupt halt.

His move to correct the changes ended, just as suddenly, with his fingers hovering over the home keys. In the moment he’d tarried, the other person working the code had corrected the first conflict, without compromising his program.

His heart hammered in excitement. Perhaps he was being offered additional instruction. Such a thing would be very useful in the next testing cycle.

He went on to the next conflict, tweaking first his own and then the other program to correct for it. The other paused for a moment, then moved on to a third conflict.

Sweat coated Staphan’s brow and lip. He engrossed himself in the interaction—the give and take of this new form of programming. His mind was fully engaged in the process and he was only vaguely aware of the godlings around him.

A strange noise rose to a cacophony, cutting through the haze the instruction had put him into. Other sounds followed—sharp, disjointed sounds that had no place in the temple. His heart stammering, Staphan looked around in search of an explanation.

It is a distraction!

Something primal told him not to ignore this distraction.

Caecee was on his feet, using a broken screen to beat the keyboard before him. Shards of sacred technology flew in all directions. The instructor for this lesson shouted for order.

The girl beside Caecee dove for the floor with a scream of pain, blood coursing down her cheek. The doors through which they’d entered opened. The injured girl and one of the other female godlings in the class rushed for it, colliding with the servants heading in through the opening.

Caecee let out a howl the likes of which one might expect from a wild beast. He raised the screen over his head.

Seeing the larger boy’s intent, Staphan grasped the girl still seated between them and dragged her to the floor with him. The weapon passed over their heads, shattering her screen, then Staphan’s. Caecee went to work on the keyboards, and Staphan pulled the girl’s face to his chest and buried his own in the wealth of her dark hair.

The crashing and splintering stopped, and voices rose. Despite the situation, the servants’ voices were calming. It seemed Caecee had no intention of being calmed. His shouts and curses intensified. Staphan didn’t doubt the lessening of sound marked the servants dragging Caecee away and not the godling regaining control.

As the ruckus waned, Staphan realized he was holding tightly to the girl, both of them trembling wildly. He backed away, staring at her.

Her dark eyes were wide in fear and tears glistened on her cheeks. Staphan used the wide cuff of his tunic to dry the tracks of tears. It wouldn’t do to have anyone see her engaging in un-GODlike behavior.

Why do I care? He did, though, odd as it was.

She opened her mouth as if to speak, closed it, then nodded.

The thick braid of her hair was disheveled, mussed by their dive to safety and likely his grip on her in the midst of the attack. He wondered if he looked as disreputable as she.

“Julee!” one of the female servants exclaimed.

The godling in his arms stiffened. Staphan wondered at the reason for the reaction. His move to question her was interrupted by hands cupping his face and moving as if in search of wounds.

Staphan released her and glanced around in surprise at the crowd of servants encircling them, females on Julee’s side and males on his. They’d appeared while he’d been lost in thought.

Voices overlapped, making his head spin.

“No injuries, I think.”

“Julee, look at me.”

“Staphan? Here, Staphan!”

He focused on Father, trying to attend to what the elder was saying.

“Are you well, Staphan?”

Well? He nodded, at a loss for a more appropriate answer.

His house father sighed in seeming relief, then pulled Staphan to his feet. A group of three male servants guided him toward the far door, offering support Staphan was certain he needed, though he would never have admitted such a frailty aloud.

Staphan shot a glance back, meeting godling Julee’s gaze for one heart-stopping moment. She averted her eyes, then nodded to some question her house mother asked.

“Staphan?” one of his servants prodded him.

He took another step away from her, giving himself up to the care of the servants. “Of course.”

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Amazon Deals for Phaze Books This Week

This is a great week to save big on historical and fantasy romance from Phaze Books. Look at what you can get on Kindle for $1.99 each!

A Fall From Grace by Wendy Stone - Princess Alaina has two major problems; her castle has been overrun and her father has been killed. Now she is on the run with her personal guard, the man she's been in love with since he'd been presented - as belonging to her when she'd been sixteen summers old and finally allowed out of the school room. Could she keep her hands off of him as they raced to find a safe haven or would his love be the only thing to keep her from A Fall From Grace.

A Familiar Tangle With Hell by Sapphire Phelan - Tina and Charun thought it was all over and that their life would be normal--well, as normal as it could be for an immortal Witch and her demon Familiar. Except there was another prophesy, one that laid claim that if Lucifer snatches Tina and mates with her before the last chime before midnight of the new year and gets her pregnant with his son, that the real Armageddon would begin, spelling the end of life as they knew it.

When Tina is stolen away, Charun, along with Jacokb the archangel, must race against time into the bowels of Hell to rescue her. But with demons, Lucifer, and a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, out to stop them and Heaven not lending a hand, will Tina become the mother of the Antichrist and the start of a new Hell on Earth?

A Fix in Time by Jade Falconer - As soon as time travel became possible, of course there were people who would abuse it for their own purposes.
Luke Martin's job is to stop those people, and put the past back to rights. But what happens when he meets the man of his dreams in the past?

In the middle of a plot to change the past in nineteenth century London, Luke meets Edwin and must decide between a love that could put them both in prison and the safety of the world.

A Gamble Worth Taking by Wendy Stone - Forced into betrothal to relieve a gambling debt, beautiful Lara is reluctant to fall for Matthew Trent's charms. But as she succumbs to passion, darker otherworldly forces threaten their future. Is it worth risk to anger restless spirits?
Warning: Contains scenes of severe violence.

A Guide to Magical Cant by Shayne Carmichael - Forced from Mysteria University and his own home by a scheming father, Maer must make his way in a world he knows little about.
Luck is on his side when he encounters an accounting wizard, Ethan, Ethan's wife, Princess Sophy, and a mage, Darius. However, Maer finds himself fighting an unexpected attraction to the mysterious mage.

As they take on quests to battle bandits, help a demon prince, a sprite and a noggin, Maer becomes more and more fascinated by Darius. Too bad it's such a dangerous liaison in Aurora, and for the sake of both of their lives, Maer has no choice but to ignore his own feelings.

Discounts on these titles happen through Saturday, September 12. Don't wait to save big!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

ARe Rebate & New Amazon Weekly Deals!

It's a new month, a new season coming and we have hot new deals for you! First, we invite you to stock up on Phaze Books titles at All Romance today while their 30% rebate is still happening. We're still doing the daily deals at ARe, so be sure to check our Facebook or Twitter for new titles. This month, we've started weekly bargains for Amazon Kindle!

For the next five days, save on the following eBooks:

2050 by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael (was $5.99, now $1.99!) - Visions of blood and death haunt Richie England. A new serial killer is stalking the city, and Richie finds himself in the middle of a frightening pyschological battle with the killer and the spectres behind the evil.

39 and Still Holding by Robin Slick, ed. (was $4.99, now $1.99!) - Still 40, still sexy. This second volume of smart, seductive fiction proves that love has no maximum age limit. Featuring the works of Barbara Foster, N.L. Belardes, Greg Boose, Ansley Vaughan, Santana Smith, and more!

A Certain Way by Renee Blaine (was $2.99, now $.99!) - Laura has been living her life a certain -- her husband's way. When she discovers the truth of her husband's controlling ways and infidelity, she looks for a friend's guidance. Daniel, her best friend of ten years, provides a shoulder to cry on, and so much much more, helping Laura find her own way in life.

A Crown of Stars by L.E. Bryce (was $5.99, now $1.99!) - The sequel to My Sun and Stars! Eighteen years have passed, giving rise to a new generation, and new conflicts in the struggle for the throne of Rhodeen. When Zhanil sets out on a clandestine mission into his father's homeland, now ruled by the Turyar, his actions are a catalyst, drawing him into the embrace of the Turya warrior destined to be his soul mate, and propelling him on a journey that may just fulfill an ancient prophecy.

A Diamond in the Rough by Shawn Bailey (was $4.99, now $1.99!) - Gunther Norwich, heir to the throne of England meets a young man at a club and likes what he sees. The young man turns out to be none other than Blaine Angelo, his younger brother Piers' wedding planner. While Piers and Penelope plan to spend the rest of their lives together, Blaine and Gunther meet for secret a rendezvous at Blaine's private S/M club.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward, Piers' and Gunther's cousin has his eye on Anastasia Angelo, Blaine's older sister. Nothing is exactly what it seems. Are the princes as happy as they appear or will one of them discover they've made a very big mistake?

We'll announce new sales as they happen. Happy reading!

Monday, August 25, 2014

New M/M Romance from Shawn Bailey

Finger Lickin' Good
Shawn Bailey

Twenty-four year old Cajun-Frenchman Mikael lands a job at a popular French restaurant in New Orleans. The owner of the restaurant, Auguste Carrier is a big Frenchman with a bad temper and most of his employees are afraid of him.

Though Mikael is small in stature he wins the admiration of all the senior chefs at Chez Auguste when he prepares a pot of gumbo. The other employees are not stupid, even though they like Mikael they’ve also noticed how calm Auguste asks when Mikael is around. So they plot to get the two of them together. Mikael doesn’t want to be known as the boss’ boy-toy so he plans to win the man’s respect with his cooking.

Although he has noticed the confident young chef on the day he was hired, Auguste feels that maybe Mikael might be too young fill the shoes of a professional Sous Chef. The last one left him in a lurch and he doesn’t want that to happen again. But once he samples one bowl of Mikael’s delicious gumbo he realizes that he should not judge a book by its cover.

Mikael bears a striking resembles to Auguste’s dead lover Basil and Auguste wonders if he’s only attracted to him for just that reason. Should his stomach tell his mind what to do, or should he follow his heart?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hot Days and Hotter Nights Blog Hop + Giveaway!

We are thrilled to be part of the Hot Days and Hotter Nights blog hop! You can stop by the Red Hot Authors Cafe daily for your dose of romantic hotness, book news and reviews. 

What's hotter than a romance novel? How about a whole catalog of them? Phaze Books offers readers quality erotic romance in a variety of subgenres, from paranormal to interracial to BDSM. Enjoy manlove? We have it. How about SFF romance? You bet!

Here are a few recent releases we hope you'll try. You can purchase our eBooks and print at, and buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and All Romance! Comment below and we'll choose one 18+ winner to receive an eBook from our catalog!

Demon Lover by Temple Madison

When she's Sugar, she's every man's dream, but when she's Spice...she's his nightmare!

Dark nights and full moons mysteriously turn Jennifer Duquesne from a beautiful white-haired beauty into a growling, voluptuous she-devil who dines on blood, flesh, and sex.

She's a dancer at the Rock Candy Club where she has her pick of men. By the time the evening is over, not one, not two, but three take the beautiful dancer to the parking lot for an evening of sexual debauchery. While she's enjoying the hot feel of these hard bodies inside her, her sister Spice makes an appearance, and the parking lot runs red with blood.

Magnum Opus by Mychael Black

A Dark Performance:

Spurned by the only person he ever loved, Hunter is the perfect image of a tortured artist. A sorcerer moonlighting as a singer, he uses his magical arts to tantalize the audience during his band’s performances. His preferred method? A sphere that drifts above the crowd, a beacon that calls out for someone--anyone--who will understand him. On one particular night, Hunter finally receives an answer.

Novel Visions:

Jonathon Cayle is a horror novelist visiting New Orleans for a two-week long book signing stint. Unhappy with his life back in Atlanta with his girlfriend, he is grateful to be able to explore his preference for men while he’s out of town. What he finds in New Orleans, however, is the last thing he ever expected.

Visions of the Night:

Three years have passed since horror novelist Jonathon Cayle encountered his vampiric character Kain Hart. Since then, they’ve made a home together in Atlanta, living as any couple would. However, Jonathon’s curiosity about vampires has grown, and he finds himself contemplating the final step: becoming one. The question is: can he get past his fear of venturing into the unknown realm of life after death?

A Little Roman Scandal by Jennifer Mueller

When Quintus Fabius Serenus, the man who could become Caesar, walked into his own birthday party he knew it was a trap set by his father to yet again try to find him a wife. Forty-some women sat there looking demure and empty while their fathers' sold their freedom.

Escaping to the garden he discovered Livia Pompilia hiding. As she looked at him he found there was nothing empty about her gaze. The bruises that showed beneath the jewels she wore told him there was nothing demure about this embodiment of Venus hiding in the shadows.

Quintus learned long ago that scandals in Rome could ruin a man, especially one with political ambitions. The only question was exactly who would it ruin, because Livia is no mistress and just marrying her was scandal enough.

Which one would you like to read? Comment and win!

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