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Friday, October 24, 2014

Fright Night Blog Hop

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Creepy, kooky, spooky, ooky, sexy! We love Halloween and all the things associated with it. We especially love romance that thrills and chills - sexy alpha shapeshifters and daring, kickass vamps and she-wolves. Paranormals are a favorite at Phaze Books, and if you've browsed your site you may have found a few for your digital reader. If you asked us to recommend one, we couldn't narrow the field. We have enjoyed all of them. Whether you love sensual vampires, incredible shifter heroes, or lusty werewolves, we have what you want to read.

What is your favorite scary book? Do you go for paranormal, sci-fi or straight-up horror? Comment below and we'll put your name in the draw for a $10 gift credit to our site!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

New from Jennifer Mueller + 99 Cents at Kindle

Hot 99 Cent Deals This Week at Amazon!

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New From Jennifer Mueller

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A New Beginning

Emma's life hasn't been easy, but when she got married nine years earlier it was supposed to get better. Then the Civil War happened leaving her alone with Charlie, Jacob's son and little else.
One year together in all that time before he announces they have a new home in  Cimarron, New Mexico. What else should she expect but him leaving her in the house alone again the very day they arrive.
But when Jacob gets himself killed it starts a new beginning, if only they had a way to keep food on the table.  And Matt Colton riding up with cattle solves more than one problem.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New From Melissa Jackson, Plus 99 Cent Kindle Deals!

Now available at! It's time to get DOWN AND DIRTY!

A brief glimpse of his naked body and Rebecca Eastman is reduced to peeping through his window. She knows it is wrong, but she cannot resist Justin Connelly, her friend and ex-lover. He tempts her wicked nature, stirring up a thirst that no others have been to quench.

Preview and order Down and Dirty at now!

99 Cent Deals at Amazon! 

This week we offer a scintillating mix of sensual romance for readers of all genres. Don't wait to fill your reader with these titles from Phaze favorites, each under a dollar!

Anything But Anderson's by Tysche Dwai: These aren't the fairytales you read in school. Enjoy these delightfully sexy takes on classic stories.

Apache Eyes by Yeva Wiest (F/F): When Jenny falls under the spell of Miakoda, the daughter of the legendary Apache chief Cohise, she is forever lost in the power of Miakoda's Apache eyes.

Around the World by Jade Falconer (M/M): What would a gorgeous young thing like Patrick want with a tired old globetrotter like Stephan? As it turn out, quite a bit.

Asian Spice by Dana Littlejohn (M/F): East meets West in this steamy interracial romance. It starts as a fling, but could it be true love for keeps?

Aural Sex by Ann  Regentin (M/F): Max and Bianca make the best of a long-distance relationship, and make beautiful music together.


Daily Deals at All Romance!

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Cover Reveal: Damsel in Distress by Brenna Lyons

Coming soon from bestselling author Brenna Lyons: Damsel in Distress!

Nothing in his training has prepared Corey for the Beast enclave he encounters. They are serial torturers. They take trophies of their kills. They may even be flesh eaters. Expunging them is the least he can do to give their latest victim peace of mind. After three days in the hands of the Beasts, Hannah is scarred, blood week, and suffering severe PTSD. The fact that the Beasts got away with their crimes in Armen range is a stain on the entire house and will be for centuries.

The only person Hannah trusts is Corey. With the aid of the Stone in controlling his sexual drives, can he help Hannah reclaim her life and her sexuality? Can she accept any man after what the Beasts did to her? Only time will tell.

About the Author

Brenna Lyons wears many hats, sometimes all on the same day: former president of EPIC, author of more than 85 published works, administrative assistant for Silver Publishing, columnist, special needs teacher, wife, mother...and member in good standing of more than 60 writing advocacy groups.

In her first seven years published in novel-length, she's won 2 EPIC e-Book Awards (out of 11 finalists) and finaled for 3 PEARLS (including one Honorable Mention, second to NY Times Bestseller Angela Knight), 2 CAPAS, and a Dream Realm Award. She's also taken Spinetingler's Book of the Year for 2007.

Brenna writes milieu-heavy dark fiction, mainly science fiction, fantasy and horror, straight genre, romance and erotic crosses, poetry, articles and essays. She teaches everything from marketing to choosing an indie publisher, and she's been called "one of the most deviant erotic minds in publishing today" by Fallen Angels.

Find out more about Brenna at Youtube []!


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Marie Rochelle, and $1.99 Kindle Bargains!

Now available at! Alpha Male Incorporated fans, are you ready for another hot romance from bestselling author Marie Rochelle? In Take Control, Book 3 in this sizzling series, we get Raya's story. As Sahara's best friend, Raya gets to know the vampires of AMI but doubts she could mate with one for life. Thorsten, on realizing Raya is his chosen, sets out to convince her otherwise, but she blocks him at every turn. What will it take to change her mind? Preview Take Control and order now at! Add this book to your Goodreads TBR! Coming soon to Amazon, BN, and ARe!

$1.99 Deals at Amazon! (and one for 99 cents!)

Dreams, appetites,'s all on sale at Kindle for a limited time. Come Sunday these books go back to regular price so don't miss out on this sale!

All My Dreams by Jennifer Mueller (M/F): Loryn runs to Majorca to hide from life and love, but they find her anyway in the form of a handsome film director.

All the Fixin' by Marie Rochelle (M/F): Craig believes Shea stole his family legacy and potential fortune. Will she take his heart as well?

An Appetite For Seduction by Paige Bennett (M/F): It's getting hot in the kitchen, where Quinn and Jameka are "cooking" up quite a storm!

Aneshu by L.E. Bryce (M/M): The exotic Aneshu entertains and enthralls as one of Tajhaan's celebrated actors. An encounter with a nobleman will change his life.

Animal Instincts by Brenna Lyons (99 cents!): Mattayas and Anha come from two different packs, yet can't ignore their attraction. Will it bond them or tear them apart?

Daily Deals at All Romance!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Amazon Deals from Marie Rochelle, Shawn Bailey, Bridget Midway and More!

Sex with cyborgs, rockstar manlove, hot demon shenanigans...we have a variety of stories on sale this week for Amazon Kindle readers! Don't wait to fill your reader with these Phaze favorites:

Adam and E-V-E by Bridget Midway ($1.99) - Lieutenant Adam B'Luven wants to protect the last few Earth inhabitants without the aid of a machine like E.V.E. that's making the human Army obsolete. But in order to save the humans, he'll have to drop his prejudices ... and his pants.

Adored by Shawn Bailey ($1.99) - After spending two years in a mental facility, can Desi rejoin his friends in Desire and reach superstardom, or does he still have fears of being in a gay relationship with Charlie?

After Hours by Marie Rochelle ($1.99) - Jametria Collins loves writing romance novels that make her female fans' fantasy men come true, but she never expected to fall for her own cover model. She can't get over how truly perfect he is. It's like he's made just for her, until the truth came out.

Against the Current by Christine London (99 cents!) - When fate throws Grant and Julie together in the middle of a heart pounding emergency, will Grant be able to put the requirements of his position aside long enough to save his crew and their love?

Ain't Nothing Like Succubus Lovin' by Sapphire Phelan (99 cents!) - Finding a date was never more hellish. When Jordan Hudson borrowed his friend's "A Dummy's Guide to Demon Summoning" and called up a succubus, he found that making love to a minion of Hell proved to be more than a one night stand.

Hot Deals at All Romance!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Phaze Books bargains at Amazon This Week!

If you enjoy sensual paranormal and otherworldly romance, this is your week. Come see what's on sale from Phaze Books on Kindle!

A Question of Trust by Barbara Donlon Bradley (only $1.99!) - Sana doesn’t want to work with Karni. He is obnoxious, and pushy, yet there’s something about him that makes her blood tingle.

Karni doesn’t trust Sana, she kept information from them and as second in command of the compound he found that unforgivable. Now he’s saddled with her because she’s the only one who can detect Marlick, a shapeshifter from Krenon.

How was he going to spend long lonely nights with her and fight the growing attraction blossoming between them?

A Rancher's Promise by Marie Rochelle (only $1.99!) - Ever since her friend Stuart suggested he wanted to hide her at his aloof older brother’s ranch, Amerie Palmer expected the worst and almost backed out at the last minute. However, the man who opened the front door was the most handsome and sexiest male she had ever laid eyes on.

But Kyle Houston had been hurt in the past and his mistrust of women ran deeper than his love for his ranch.

Amerie knew she should stay away from Kyle because he wasn’t very welcoming to her. However, she felt beneath the tough exterior and there was a man who craved love and she could be the woman who would give it to him.

A Rebel Among Goddesses by RaeLynn Blue (only 99 cents!) - Rebellious crown prince Errol has committed the biggest sin, he's fallen in love with a male. As the son of a great goddess, Errol’s love affair with Simon has violated the social order--females rule and men must worship and love them alone. Childhood friend Shar has three days to save the love of her life, Errol, from certain death. When Errol and Simon approach Shar with a way to do that, she must rebel against her clan, her brother, and her entire way of life.

A Satyr for Midwinter by Teresa Noelle Roberts (99 cents!) - Laeca, Lady of Thermanae, missed out on the incredible good looks that bless the rest of her family--not to mention the talent for healing and sex-magic.

What she has is determination, pride, honor, and an unwavering dedication to the land and people of Thermanae. All its people, both human and satyr. She can't remember the last time she let herself have fun. Sex is something that happens on the erotically charged Soranian holy days--if she actually has time to attend the festivals.

When a sick satyr collapses at her feet on Midwinter's Day, Laeca realizes she'll be passing on the yet another festival in order to nurse him, hoping common sense and herb tea will make up for lack of healing magic. But when she realizes Kallios is at death's door because he wants to follow his murdered beloved, she makes a vow on her family honor to save him. By any means necessary. Including by restoring his will to live by reminding him how much fun sex is.

In the Soranian Empire, though, vows made on holy days have unexpected consequences. Or maybe Kallios' dead lover's ghost understands what the living need better than they do. Before the Longest Night is done, Laeca will find her magic and risk her life. Kallios will learn his dead lover isn't necessarily gone. And all of them, including the dead man, will be changed by the powers of love, magic and the Longest Night.

A Strange New Breed by Wendy Stone (only $1.99!) - Nashe Wolfe is a strange and complicated man. When he meets Terry Taylor, things get even more complicated. He struggles against his own urges even as he becomes owner of his own restaurant, fighting his desire for the feisty woman.

Terry Taylor fights her attraction to Nashe. His cocky attitude and high handed ways drive her crazy. When he decides to intrude upon her life, she curses his name and the day she met him. Fighting her own desires, she tries to break things off.

Fate steps in. Nashe and Terry are forced together. Will they give in to their desires? Can Terry conquer Nashe's fears? Can Nashe and Terry find love?

Includes scenes of forced seduction and assault.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Into Romance Hop

Welcome to our Fall Into Romance blog hop! Comment below to win a $10 gift credit to!

Fall is a great time to indulge in a hot romance. The colder the weather, the better the chance a sexy story will keep you warm at night. At Phaze Books, paranormal romances do well in the latter half of the year.

If you enjoy shifters, we have them in all spots and stripes. Try Seeing Spots by Ericka Scott or Seduced by a Wolf by Zena Wynn. Hot about a hot contemporary with a touch of kink? Bridget Midway has the delicious Licorice Whips, and Shermaine Williams tames with Taming the Alter Ego.

It's difficult to choose among our wonderful authors, so we invite you to visit and see our current catalog. All books are perfect for reading on a cool Autumn night with a mug of hot tea or cider. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for weekly deals at Kindle and new releases.

Tell us your favorite fall tradition in the comments to win the $10 GC!


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