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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Arousingly Yours, Anna

Hi everybody
Welcome to the new, you beaut Phaze Blog. See us Phazettes, as some like to be called, have found another avenue to entertain everyone. We sure hope you enjoy it.

Just a note to Leigh that I am pleased to hear Boone is on the way, can't wait to read that one. Muse is a fabulous read BTW.

Well, my Chicky Babe, Bridget Midway tagged me for ten interesting things about myself. Hmmmmm, I'll just have to edit back down to ten! LOL...I'll keep it clean, so there goes nine.

1. I have always wanted to be a writer, ever since ever. Writing erotic romance seemed to just find me. I love writing it and reading, it's fun and liberating.

2. I love men, as a species. I think the world would be interminably boring if they weren't around to breathe and stuff.

3. After a 14.5 yr break I had my third child on January 23rd, 2005.

4. If I have a fourth child I am going to have every available and imaginable pain killing drug available to mankind! Crikey! it bloody hurts!

5. I live in Tasmania, Australia and if you want to know some more about that go see my forum niche
and I have just joined another multi-author Blog called Aussie Romance Writers so come and see us there Mate.

6. I just love to garden, it is a passion of mine. Growing something beautiful, or edible is just the bomb. I spend a lot of time outdoors and despite my rather large frame, I grace the wonderful beaches here regularily.

7. Greenpeace has never tried to return me to the deep water(yet).

8. I have an excellent relationship with with my daughter, Louise who is now 17, and is just a smaller version of me. She is a scream and I miss her terribly as she works 6 hrs drive from me. I also have an excellent relationship with my son who is almost 16. So I am very proud of that. My family is ultra important to me.

9. In my spare time (spare, like I have any) I do reviews and am a Junior editor for Coffee Time Romance
and if you would like to read my reviews go here You'll see my pic too if you are game, hehe.

10. My very first published short story is published with Phaze. Sea Lover broke my publishing virginity and I hope to have a long and hot relationship with Phaze publishing. If you would like to know more about my romance between city girl Leanna and her hottie merman Noah go here to read an excerpt.

Now I hereby royally tag and challenge LAURA BACCHI to tell us ten, yes ten, interesting facts about herself.

Thanks for spending some time with me folks. See you all around the traps
Arousingly Yours


Bridget Midway said...

A fourth child?! You're kidding, right? Have you entertained the thought in your head? Tell me it ain't so.


Anna Fallon said...

LOL I Know I tell ya! I'M BLOODY MAD. But I hate the thought of little Sam growing up without a brother or Sister to play with.
Somebody call me a shrink!

Alessia Brio said...

Before you rush into anything, can we talk about a long-term lease? I have a couple young ones ...

Anna Fallon said...

LOL Now Alessia if you weren't getting around riding bareback you'd have time for your children!
Nice interview

wezl said...

wel i was bored so I thought id check out wot u have been up to mother...good work im very impressed..i just had to sign up with sum blog thing just so i could write this so u wanna read bad i dont no have a clue wot it was hey...well good luck writers peace out lol...