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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Damn it! Y'all ARE really tagging me for migrating purposes!

Tagged again, huh? Actually Alessia, you can go ahead and answer for me. I'll let ya'! Yes? No? Okay, here it goes. The big, bad ten facts about yours truly. Please, don't alert your authorities after reading it. I'm just a simple girl with a simple dream: world domination. Is that a bad thing? Can I count that as one fact? Yes? No? Okay, here it goes.

1. One time at band camp...No, never went to band camp. But I did play the flute from sixth grade up to ninth before it became required to join band camp. Had I known all of the stuff I could have done there, I would have gone! My competitive side won over and I used to be first or second chair (the ranking given to students on how well they play). Then I realized that the flute section butted up against the drum section. So I eventually downplayed my talent to sit in the back row to be near the boys.

2. I met (and this is dating and locating myself) former Governor Gerald Baliles and former Attorney General Mary Sue Terry when I was in high school. No, neither one had to pardon me for anything. But I was thiiiiiiiis close to sitting in the governor's chair. Very exciting. I even have a picture with me with Mary Sue Terry.

3. My very first "real" concert ever was Duran Duran's "Seven and the Ragged Tiger" tour. I remember standing in the crowd stunned the whole show. I didn't dance. I didn't sing along. I was mesmerized by the whole thing. I couldn't believe these five guys from England would be in my neck of the woods.

4. I have a deep love affair with professional wrestling. The obsession started when I was younger because my brother controlled the TV remote and would't watch anything else. That's when I fell in love with the likes of Ricky Steamboat, Black Jack Mulligan and Ric Flair, who still wrestles and still makes my knees weak. Now my obsession has turned to guys like The Rock and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (aka Triple H). These guys are NOTHING like the wrestlers from back in the day. They're fit, buff, angry, funny and charismatic.

5. For almost eight years, I used to work at a movie theater. Greatest job I ever had. I did everything from sell popcorn and candy to tear tickets to selling tickets to running the movies. Not only did I get to see the blockbuster flicks before anyone else because we had to splice the movie together and run it to see if it came out okay, but I also got free concerts at this small venue called The Boathouse. That place was so cool. It's torn down now. *sigh* No one said this top ten was going to be so painful.

6. I wrote erotica when I was in junior high school. Parents should be thanking me. Instead of having young girls go out and try to have sex on their own and get pregnant, I used to do junior high fanfiction and pair up my girlfriends with the boy they had a crush on at the time. It started off sweet but pretty soon my freak-nasty side came out and I had to "go there". And the good thing about writing that back in the day, I was always given new material because girls crushed on different boys almost every day. We're a fickled bunch.

7. I aided in catching a bank robber. Yep, yours truly jumped over the counter and wrestled a masked man to the floor. Nah, that part is a lie. Truly what happened was that I was a teller supervisor at a bank and we had been alerted about a guy cashing stolen checks. Wouldn't you know, he rolled right up into our drive-through with a check for $300. So I had my teller stall him and I called the police. Luckily he came at a time when the tellers balanced their drawers so we told him it would be a second for that. Then we said that I had to get large bills from the big vault and he fell for that excuse. Then when we got another customer, we had to stall him until the police came and blocked the guy in. It was really exciting. We called the customer we blocked in at work and apologized but he was cool with it. I had a feeling he was already spinning his own story at work of how ten cop cars showed up and they dragged the guy to the ground. We went to court and waited over an hour while he sat behind us in the courtroom. That was scary. When his case was coming up, he told his attorney to plea him guilty so we didn't have to testify or anything.

8. I have a Masters degree in writing romances. It's true! Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania offers a Master of Arts degree for Writing Popular Fiction. So my thesis was a 100,000-word contemporary interracial romance. There are only 2 bound copies in the world. I have one and there's one in the school's library. I'm hoping that'll change soon.

9. At one time I wanted to be a physical therapist. Then I realized that if I hate history because of all of the facts I have to memorize then physical therapy would be out because I would have to remember all of the parts of the body. I almost failed anatomy. Shh, don't tell my editors.

10. Whew! Thank God I'm at the end. Now what is it I need to tell you that I haven't? Oh, if I only see the endings of the movies "The Color Purple" where Ciely's grown children run through the meadow to get to her, and "A League of Their Own" where they reunite and start to sing their song, I burst into tears. Guaranteed. I think both scenes can stand on their own and be just as powerful.

Oh, I feel so wrung out. You all tapped me dry. The only thing I can do is to tag my girl Anna Fallon! Hee! Hee! Run with it. Roll with it.

Stay sexy (you can borrow the tag, Alessia, but you can't take it!),

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