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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


That's the sound of a tag. Actually, it didn't hurt. It tickled, though.

So I'll post my ten interesting things when I can think of ten interesting things worth posting. I promise not to take too long, and you can read all about it on this blog or on my own, Ellwood...If She Could.

In the meantime, you can read my well-reviewed website. Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave four stars in their latest newsletter, writing in part:

Ms. Ellwood's website has undergone some minor change since I last visited. Knowing that an author takes the time and care to update this environment regularly is a positive indication that they're serious about their craft and want you to know that too. After all this is the "store front" advertising their wares. And this multi-published author seems to take pride in her home.

I do, indeed take pride in the home site, which I update myself, as well as the podcast, which I hope you enjoy.

1 comment:

RobinSlick said...

Note to self: Pay your shyster son immediately to update your not-updated-since-early 2005-website.

Cool post, Leigh, and I can think of at least one interesting fact about you: You've been in a real live dungeon with a real live obg/gyn table!