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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ten interesting facts...give or take nine

So Robin tagged me, and I must respond. Ten interesting things, eh? It may surprise you to know that my life isn't exactly like those of the characters I have created (really). If so, then the delay in writing the list would certainly involve limiting it to ten things.

Away we go then. Hope there's something good on TV while you surf. Or, you could read a book.

1) I was on TV once in high school, on the local Brain Brawl show that aired on local PBS. Maybe your town had such a show, too. Two teams of four honor student nerds buzz in answers to useless trivia and math equations. My auspicious debut featured my getting an answer wrong. I guessed Coolidge when the answer was FDR. As you can see, I've used none of it in my later life.

2) I honeymooned in Jamaica in this beautiful island suite that literally sat on the end of the airport's only runway. If there was a reason our hut was shaking, it was because these freaking jumbo jets landed and took off every twenty minutes.

3) I once signed a contract with Blue Mountain Arts for a verse I submitted to a contest. The contract stipulated that if they saw a need to use it on a card I'd get paid. Still waiting...

4) I have TMJ. This means my jaws pops when I open too wide. Thankfully, it doesn't affect, ah, certain activities.

5) I also have tinnitus, ringing of the ears. I think I got it from blasting my Walkman in my youth. Remember that, all you kids with iPods. And stay in school.

6) I started dating my husband before I officially broke up with the guy I was seeing at the time. The first guy (let's call him Thor) spent our entire brief relationship mooning over his previous girlfriend, the so-called love of his life. After the last date when he said he wasn't sure he loved me (didn't stop him from wanting to sleep with me), I dropped out of touch. Weeks passed, I met hubby and started dating. Never called Thor to let him know, but we never saw each other again.

7) I used to go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show in my underwear. I could do a mean Time Warp back in the day. They still show it up here, I'll have to drag Bridget there, in drag.

8) I managed to go seven centimeters before screaming for the epidural. Yeah, TMI, but I think that's quite an achievement.

9) Once I saw Judy Tenuta perform at a comedy club, and she pulled me onstage and we did the Virgin dance. Don't ask me to demonstrate. Afterward, I got her to sign a pair of hubby's underwear. She held it to her face and asked if they were clean.

10) One day, I swear before we leave the beach, I plan to run naked into the surf in the middle of the night.

Well, that was painless, and invasive. So I will now tag....BRIDGET!


Bridget Midway said...

I've always wanted to the do "Rocky Horror Picture Show" thing but not in costume. I just wanted to throw bread and rice and be loud and obnoxious. "Janet, you slut!" Yeah, I know it all.

And if you have a burning need to be naked in public, Leigh, you can come with me to the White Tail Park open house. There's an open house scheduled at the beginning of June and the beginning of July.


Leigh Ellwood said...

Oh, definitely we must do that!