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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Hello all!

Really quickly...My name is Petula Caesar. I write erotica. I have written erotica since junior high. Judy Blume was my inspiration then (I can't wait to pass on my copy of 'Forever' to my daughter). In answer to the question 'is my erotica autobiographical', I would say that most of it is at the very least based on true events, and much of it is completely true. (Won't catch me on Oprah lying about threesomes and such!)

I have no idea how I ended up doing this. Five years ago I was just writing my little dirty stories to read to my lovers in bed and to my girlfriends at our little girls' nite out gatherings. For some reason I took it into my head that maybe I could get them published, and here I am! In addition to writing erotica, I also write poetry. Some of it is pretty good from what I hear.

If you want to know more, you can go to my website... There you can read excerpts from my book, some of my poetry, and there is a link that takes you to Phaze's site (, where you can buy the e-book!

Stay in the light,

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