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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You're tagged! (A post by Robin Slick)

I've been tagged!

My good friend, author Ellen Meister, has tagged me on the below questionnaire that is making the rounds on various writer websites. So here it is. Tell ten interesting facts about yourself. Most of you already know everything weird there is to know about me, but I have dug deep into what is left of my brain and hopefully there are a few surprises:

1. I have played guitar since age eleven but inexplicably I have only really mastered three songs in my entire life: The Girl from Ipanema, the Jethro Tull version of Bourree, and Arlo Guthrie Coming Into Los Angeles. (Ha ha. I used to scream those lyrics at the top of my lungs. Look them up when you visit the above provided Arlo link and it won't be too hard to figure out why).

2. My right eye is light green and my left eye is brown.

3. I used to steal Barbie accessories from my cousin Annie because she had really great stuff and I had the five and dime knock-offs but I got caught when I tried to make off with her prize possession, which was a pearl encrusted satin wedding dress for her Barbie marriage to Ken.

4. Speaking of Barbie, I once got in trouble for undressing her and Ken, taping them together naked, and wheeling them down the street in my (fake) Barbie car. Having just heard a rumor about how babies were born, I was hoping they would make me a little Skipper or Midge doll.

5. I am an unbelievable cook. No, really, I am. I usually put myself down in every other area, but when it comes to cooking and baking, I rule.

6. The Food Section is the first thing I read in the Sunday newspaper, not the book reviews or international news. You have my permission to shoot me now.

7. I have a fantasy that it is my job to choose the music for professional ice skaters and I cannot even watch the Olympics without picking out some obscure rock song in my head that I think would work much better with the choreography than the hokey songs their coaches have selected.

8. And then there is that other fantasy of mine to be a real rock and roll radio disc jockey (not the knucklehead Howard Sterns out there now) but someone who plays great music and talks music and gives music history lessons and yes, I know, I would have about five listeners but who cares.

9. I cannot do anything without listening to music simultaneously.

10. Not counting jeans, I wear only black clothing. There are no exceptions to this rule. I do not even own a pair or shoes or coat that are not black.


Okay, now you know all there is to know about me. I tag....LEIGH ELLWOOD!

Peace and Love,
Robin Slick


Eden Bradley said...

I love finding out this kind of stuff! LOL on the Barbie and Ken sexcapade!

Alessia Brio said...

First order of business with every Barbie ever received: Hack off her hair, strip her naked, and completely humiliate her by writing all over her with permanent markers. *shrug* And to think I don't even write BDSM!

Thanks for sharing! *grin*

Leigh Ellwood said...


Very well, I'll have my results on my blog soon.