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Saturday, February 11, 2006

10 Things about Eva Gale

Dear Selah tagged me. Have you read her story, Moondance? Hot and lyrical.

Ten things you want to know about me? Hmm… this could be interesting. I’ll start off easy.

1. I’ve been a nanny, a fruit picker, Personal Care Assistant for the handicapped, worked in a jewelry store, then made and sold beadwork in said jewelry store. I’ve worked in kitchens, waited tables and been the person you slammed the telephone down on. Yes, a telemarketer. I hang my head at that one. Such shame.

2. I have a Doberman, who thinks he’s a Chihuahua, a rabbit, a cockatoo, and ferrets, which I lovingly call woozles.

3. I love camping. With a tent, and sleeping bags.

4. I think coffee intravenous’ should be an optional lifestyle choice. Although they would be cumbersome.

5. I’ve been deer hunting, and brought one home.

6. I am completely addicted to high heels, although I stop at vacuuming in them.

7. I suck at math. That is no surprise to others in my family.

8. I always paint my toenails. Always. They are now coral.

9. I love my toy stores. All for research of course. My UPS man is a busy boy.

10. I send my husband naughty e-mails all day long.

And I'm going to tag Eden Bradley. Her story Heat Wave is another favorite.

Eva Gale.


Anna Fallon said...

Hi Eva
loved your list. If I could reach my toenails with ease I just may paint them LOL

Eva Gale said...

Hee! Sometimes I have my husband do it. ;)