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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The gauntlet is cast

Just when I think I have enough on my plate as a writer, Phaze has to go and post a call for the Surge Heatsheets! You know I have to reach for this brass ring - I have one Sparkler and one Shiver in the catalog, so you know I'm going for the whole set.

But what I really want to which Phaze author will complete her submission first? As with all special Heatsheet calls, Phaze will consider works from all writers, but there are always a few in-house authors with material. The call went out today and I am already 500 words in. That number might not sound impressive, but consider I have a job and a toddler...500 in a day is Tolstoy to me.

So the gauntlet is cast, my dears. Will I see you at the finish line, or will I see you huffing toward me as I toy with the broken tape?


Alessia Brio said...

500/day is "success" for me, too! If inspiration strikes, I'll write for this contest, but so far ... nada.

Anna Fallon said...

500 hundred is good. I can relate to the toddler thing.
I'm sticking my finger in the powerpoint tomorrow for inspiration and then I'll be right behind you