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Friday, February 03, 2006


Hello all!

I had a very strange experience fact I'm still in the midst of it right now so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a bit incoherent.

I got my first RAVE review.

So far the reviews I have gotten for "Lipstick" have been pretty good. I got one really crappy one, but hey, that's to be expected. I found one I hadn't seen tonight on Euro Reviews. Now I've developed my thick skin so that I deal withreviews, so I surf through the site, and finally get to my review. This is what it said...

Review: Lipstick and Other Stories by Petula Caesar

"Lipstick and other stories is a brilliant collection of erotic fiction. There’s a story to satisfy any man or woman’s sexual appetite. Each story is well thought out and is delivered superbly. The stories that are told are short and sweet, simply put. Petula Caesar has written a book that can serve as an example for how to write an erotic anthology. For a sizzling hot collection of stories to heat up those cold winter nights, pick up this book today. You may learn a thing or two that interests you."

I actually started to tremble. I have no idea why. None. My hands started to shake uncontrollably, and I actually grabbed my mouth to contain the scream that was on its way out. Didn't want to wake my kids. I stood up and ran through my house making strange little sounds that probably would have been screams if I had been home alone. I added the review to my site, and now I'm trying to calm down. You can check it out at

I am soooo goofy!

Goodnite all! Stay in the light, and much love to ya,



Alessia Brio said...

'Grats, Tula! Great feeling, ain't it?

Leigh Ellwood said...

WTG, Tula!