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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A new Surge of inspiration

Would you all believe me when I tell you I scrapped the 4000wds I had written on my Surge sub. I don't know, call it problem child syndrome!

It just didn't grab me and the plot was going nowhere, so I took it somewhere, the recycling bin. Now I feel as free as a bird and am 1000wds into my new one which is flowing like mustard out of a hot dog! (Is that a saying?)

I have created a whole new planet called Electranoid, which has a natural supply of electricity, a bit like our natural gases..ummm no....let me rephrase that. By our natural gases I don't mean Phaze has gas, I have not eaten any beans, I promise.

Anyways, Electranoid, small planet, big power, alien woman with body complex and you got it...ah no name yet *grin* I hope it's like Colgate and really does get in!

Music I'd be stranded with, hope it's a big island
All of Meatloaf and Jim Steinman
All of Bon Jovi
All of Robbie Williams
that's me in a coconut shell!

Arousingly Yours

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