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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Tula That You'll Be Sorry You Know After You Read This!

Well, thanks to the lovely Laura B., I have been tagged.

What do I want to tell?

1. I used to keep a list of every person I had ever slept with. Every single one. Whenever I slept with a guy, I would take this notepad out of my underwear drawer and record the guy's name and the date it happened. (I REFUSE to say how high the number got...or how low they remained for that matter...LOL) One of my boyfriends used to keep track of every time we had sex in the back of one of his notebooks -- he had a sheet with these random tally marks on it, and that was what they were for.

2. I know how to pole dance. One of my stripper girlfriends taught me. I have never been a stripper, but did participate in one of those amateur stripper nights at a nightclub on a dare after having too much to drink (I was only 19, so my naked body was a different visual experience than it is now.)

3. In high school I was in the Homecoming Court--I was Miss Senior. I rode on the senior class' homecoming float with Mr. Senior . I did the Miss America wave and everything.

4. More pageant shame -- I participated in the 1984 Miss Teen of Maryland pageant as one of 3 representatives from my area. The winner went on to the Miss Teen America pageant. I didn't win thank goodness, but I did get the Miss Congeniality award.

5. I have been engaged three times, and never have managed to get married. Even managed to have two kids and nary a husband in sight. Yes I kept the rings. I did offer to return them but the guys never wanted them back.

6. My favorite sex toy is my tongue vibrator...zoom zoom zoom.

7. My eleven year old son has cerebal palsy and is mildy autistic.

8. I was named after Petula Clark. If you don't know who she is, there's your homework for tonight.

9. In my book "Lipstick and Other Stories", "The September 11th Story" is the story that is most autobiographical. I was actually seeing a police officer from DC and was in his bed when 9/11 happened. The story is dedicated to him. Most of the other events in that story occurred as well...except for the happy ending of course.

10. When I was 18, I saw my first porno movie. It starred Vanessa Del Rio. I loved Vanessa Del Rio. I thought she was the sexiest woman I'd ever seen. She seemed so...I don't know. I just admired her. I wanted to be her. I used to watch her movies with my boyfriend and try to give head like she did. That was pretty much how I learned to do it...THANK YOU VANESSA WHEREVER YOU ARE!

That's it for now! I feel so naked! I think I'll tag Selah March, because I just love her name!

Stay in the light,



Alessia Brio said...

We have something in common, Tula.

Laura Bacchi said...

Great stuff, Tula! Glad I tagged you.

Alessia - which thing? Inquiring minds want to know...

Alessia Brio said...

Actually, there are a several. You can rule out #8 & #9 -- but as for the rest, GUESS! *grin*

Bridget Midway said...

I'm a big Vanessa Del Rio fan too. And I KNOW why I liked her. She was the most "real" of the porno stars. She wasn't stick thin. Since she rose to fame in the 70's and early 80's, she didn't have the fake rack and looked plastic. She had a real woman's body and enjoyed showing it off. Made me be proud that I was and am a thick sista. Go on, 'Nessa!

Tula said...

You know Bridget, that may be why I liked her. She just seemed so real, like someone I'd hang out with, and she looked like a real woman...a freaky woman, but a real one. I got to meet her a few years back when she was hosting a male stripper revue that was in D.C., and I swear I almost cried when I shook her hand.

Tula said...
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Tula said...

Thanks for the tag Laura. And Alessia, what do we have in common pray tell? Don't lie...its the stripper thing, ain't it? LOL...

Imp said...
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Alessia Brio said...

*blush* Yeah, I've done the pole dancing bit. We also have #3 in common -- plus one more.

Anna Fallon said...

OOh you gal's are just soo
great answers, this is fun.