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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ten Things... don't know about Laura Bacchi. And may not want to know. Just kidding!

1. I just got all my hair cut off and colored. I am now...a blonde!

2. I once climbed up a tree as a teenager and couldn't get down. Well, was afraid to get down. Apparently I have a problem with heights--even a ride up the elevator gets me a bit queasy and puts a funny feeling in my stomach. My friend ran and got the hot neighborhood paramedic (thank God she hadn't called 911), and he helped me down.

3. About the same time as the tree incident, I fell in love. We did all the normal stuff horny teens do like make-out and exchange underwear. (Now I wonder what he did with mine...) I hid his in a hole of the lining of my favorite blue corduroy blazer. My mom and I were the same size, and one day without my knowledge, she wore it to work. That was not a good night.

4. I'm not crazy about dogs, and even as a child, I rarely wanted to pet them. One day, about the time of the tree and underwear episodes, I saw a raggedy lost dog. His coat looked terrible, and he reeeaaaallly wanted to be petted. Probably because he had the mange, as I found out first-hand later. So did my boyfriend...

5. I'm still not crazy about dogs.

6. I still have a baby tooth. It simply will not come out. Except with extensive oral surgery and braces. I plan to die with it still intact.

7. I studied Chinese brush-painting and calligraphy for a while in art school. My calligraphy professor and I are still good friends, and I went for a visit to the People's Republic of China in 1995. Had a blast.

8. I don't like to handle raw meat.

9. I collect salt and pepper shakers with faces on them.

10. I grew up Southern Baptist :)

Now let's hear from Tula. You've been tagged!



Alessia Brio said...

*snort* An erotic romance writer who doesn't like to handle "raw meat" ???

Laura Bacchi said...

Not *that* kind of meat! I can handle man-meat any day ;)

Bridget Midway said...

You're a blonde?! Oh wow! I want to see that!


Laura Bacchi said...

Yeah, baby! Haven't had much fun yet, though... Can I borrow the UPS man in your closet?