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Friday, April 28, 2006

And everybody say, "Jack..."

Don't you know, you don't tug on Superman's cape...

Sorry, got a little carried away there. That song has been playing like mad since Jack of Diamonds was released earlier this week. I'm very happy to finally see the story surface with the other Surges. For a story that almost never happened, it has received some wonderful feedback. Thank you, readers, for encouraging the story.

Was it a Halloween trick...or a romantic treat? When Jack Thurmond realizes he is the reincarnation of an 18th-century heiress, he sets off to claim the vampire who loved her...the vampire Jack thought only existed as the passionate lover in his dreams.

Having accepted that his beloved Lila is now a 21st century man, Lars is ready to look past Jack's gender to see the gentle soul that kept his hopes alive for centuries. Their reunion is as electric as the storms raging through Paris, but will outside forces separate them once again...this time for good?

Jack of Diamonds is one of eight in the 2006 Phaze Surge line, the only story to feature both M/M erotic romance and scenes of interracial romance. It is truly a well-rounded story, hope you enjoy it. Don't forget, too, to witness the story from the beginning with Jack of Hearts.

About The Cards Trilogy

the healingLate Summer of 2005 brought from Phaze a call for submissions for a Halloween themed Heatsheet. The Shivers were to be a collection of sensuous thrillers, horror tales, or erotic paranormals. Being new to paranormal stories, I knew I wanted to try my hand at this line. I'd had in mind a reincarnation story, and a vampire story, and decided to take the best of both ideas to create one, called Jack of Hearts. The story was published as part of the Shivers in 2005 and remains the top seller of all six published.

I've been very pleased with the response to Jack of Hearts, from reviewers and readers. I am aware, too, that people have been asking if the story will continue, if Lars and Jack will have their happy ever after. Not to give too much away, but the story ended with some ambivalance, in a manner I liked and readers liked, though it would appear the readers liked the characters so much they were not ready to leave them. As a writer, I can only feel complimented by this notion.

I had not considered a sequel before, I have reversed my original decision and decided to try at least one follow-up to the original story. The result is Jack of Diamonds the next story chronicling the adventures of Lars and Jack. This story is one of eight stories in Phaze's Surge line, again the only story to feature M/M romance. Jack of Diamonds continues the story of Lars and Jack, and also touches more on the lovely medium Ruby, who knack for foretelling the future will help another character in Diamonds, in a work that will finish the series, called...?

Well, you'll hear more about that in a minute.


CinivaBlogs said...

Thanks for the sequel, Leigh. Loved Jack of Hearts, but the ending did leave me wanting. Now I can be happy with a HEA, I hope?

Mychael Black said...

Hi Leigh! *waves*

Loved "Jack of Hearts" and I can't wait to read all of "Jack of Diamonds!"

I'm absolutely dying to see them happy together. :)

Leigh Ellwood said...

Thanks, Mychael! Hope you can help

kmfrontain said...

Hye, Leigh! Best wishes for the new release. :D

Leigh Ellwood said...


I meant to say in the earlier response that I hope you can help with the title of the third book. Wait for the next post.