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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

So today is our blogger day to tell all you awsome people about our new surge release, Wishes and we get to tell you all about our naughty Djinn, Nicodemus Marsh.

Marsh is a very odd guy. Hes very dominant, and trust me, this story didnt even touch on what hes all about, just gave you a small glimpse of his life. Hes really complex, and we are hoping to get him to talk about some other things. Truth is, Janey is the most important thing in his life. So hopefully, for those of you that like him, youll get to see some new stuff from him in the future, though i do know both him and Janey make some surprise guest spots in a few other stories.

So I know you guys will have questions for our Djinn,maybe even Janey. Hell, Marsh lives with me and I have questions and I get to talk to him any time I want. So we have a surprise for you. we have a Forum site Called Residents of the Eververse where you can sign up, go to Marsh's forum and ask him all the questions your heart desires! He responds quickly.

Also,we have a Contest going for a free book. How do you win? its simple. Just go to the Phaze Forum and sign up, then go to our forum (Stella and Audra Price)and go to the Polls thread. Vote in the poll and then comment. its that simple. We will pull the name of the winner on Friday.

So what else about Wishes? Well its our first published work ever. We are just stoked for that. And Phaze is beyond fabulous to their authors, so we are doubly tickled to be part of everything going on here. So lets see... Wishes... Wishes.... So heres the blurby from the Phaze store:

When Nicodemus Marsh is contracted by Sean Taylor, a business man and exiled demon to look after his interests involving Janey Duvall’s Company by keeping the busty beauty in control, he never thought he’d fall for the girl he was supposed to make fall for him. The major problem? Marsh is a Djinn, a major race of genie, and a genie grants three wishes. He’s met his match in the woman he’s sent to break, and while she’s occupied with his body and his actions, will she see past the cosmetic to make the one wish that will keep her by his side for all time?

See? your intrested now arent you? So what are you waiting for? Pick it up and join the main contest and you could win a great piece of jewelry, or some other fun prizes (you'll learn soon enough that Audra and I love to give away goodies.)

More to come throughout the day.

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Caffey said...

Stella and Audra, it was great to chat with you recently! So great to hear about your release, its your debut release, right? I haven't read a Djinn story in forever!! This one is on my list to get!!