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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Phaze | Romantic and Women's Erotica | Authors Blog

Phaze | Romantic and Women's Erotica | Authors Blog

(Yesterday when I was supposed to post, I inadvertently was writing to my own blog. Please forgive the mix-up if you were looking for me... I am re-posting my posts from yesterday here in the correct place.)

This is my first entry on this blog, so I hope it is correct and coherent. :) (Too bad it wasn't....)

I am very pleased to have Anything But Anderson's come out from Phaze. These stories were my first real entry into the erotica genre. Originally, they came out separately from Afternoon Delights Books, but when that company folded, Phaze gave them new life as one title. Phaze was my first choice for these stories when it came time to look for a new home, and I am glad that it proved a good fit.

Ribald romps through long ago and far away, "The Gilded Girdle" and "Three Wishes" take place in the mythical kingdom of Hardcoreia, where clothing is made to be discarded, and sex is the order of the day.

They were a lot of fun to write. The driving premise was "what can top this?" How can I be even more over the top? I think the results turned out very nicely. If there is something you wish to know more about, let me know. :)

Happy to be Phazed,



Maria said...

Hello Tyshe! My first question is how do you pronounce your name? My second question is do you have a website? If so please post the link. I read the excerpt from your book on the Phaze website and it had me chuckling. I added your book to my TBB list.


Maria said...
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