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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Run for the Borders!

Buy the print book, get free eBooks!

You could get two FREE novella downloads or a FREE novel download!

Phaze, the erotic romance imprint of Mundania Press, LLC, is pleased to announce their print titles are now available on the shelves of Borders stores all across the US! Now when you visit your favorite brick-and-mortar bookstore, you should be able to spot a Phaze title in the erotic romance section!

To celebrate this new availability of Truth or Dare, I want to build a photo gallery of Borders stores that stock my book. As there are many in my area, I hope also to see pictures of stores out West, in the South, the Midwest and up North, too! Here's where I need your help:

  • Go to your favorite Borders and find the Truth or Dare trade paperback in the erotic romance section.
  • Take of picture of the book, preferably cover out instead of spine out, as you found it in the store. You may also take a picture of yourself holding the book. A digital, cell phone, or regular picture will do fine.
  • Purchase the book and send a scan of the receipt from the store with your picture to, and I will send you a NOVEL-LENGTH download of either Dare Me, Muse, Sinful Sundaes, or Dragons, Elves and Myths, or TWO of my novella /short stories!

One promotion per person, please. Downloads are available in HTML and PDF format unless otherwise specified. If you are unable to scan a receipt, contact to find out how to send a copy by mail.

Don't Delay! This is a limited-time offer!

Thank you, Phaze readers, for helping us get to Borders. We couldn't have done it without you!

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