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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Scavenger Hunt Answers!

OK, y'all ready? (no, I'm not southern, but I can't bring myself to say youz)

1. How long have condoms been in existence?

Over 4000 years

2. How many nerve endings are in the clitoris?

In this answer I am going to go with Dr. Ian Kerner in his book, She Comes First and say @ 8000. Yowza. Come to mama. Now some people say as many as are in a penis, and that makes sense, BUT AFTER circumcision there are less. Poor boys. Here's another book refrence Circumcision article

3. At this time are dildoes legal in Alabama?


4. What snack food was first developed to cure masturbation?

Graham Crackers

5. What was the vibrator invented to cure?

Female Hysteria Click on the Slide Show!

6. What Emperess demanded homage via cunnilingus?

Empress Wu Hu

7. About the boys, two knuckles deep and a "come hither", what am I?

The Prostate

8. What hormone is responsible for both men and women's libido?


9. What were the first cock rings made of?

Goat eyelids, lashes intact Was I the only one a bit squicked by that one?

10. When did dildoes first come about?

Ancient Greece, @ 1000 BC

The winner is Jenny! and I will be sending her a copy of my story 101 Degrees Fahrenheit and a goodie bag!

Correct answers that came in the earliest will recieve a copy too.

Thanks for playing, and i hope you had a great time with it.


Alessia Brio said...

*snicker* Empress Wu Hu (Woo Hoo!)

Nice work, Eva. Great contest. I knew most of the answers from my research for "Erotique" (which included many of the items mentioned).

sexmuse said...

Awesome links. The vibrator one I knew and it still amazes me. I didn't know how common they were so long ago, though!

Eva Gale said...

Alessia, I thought the same thing. It's good to be Queen!

Glad you liked the links Ann! Can you imagine the line to the Dr.s office?

Devi Sparks said...

I giggled at the Wu Hu, too. Too funny, Eva!