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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring storms

For all of you who may not be aware of it, my Surge title is Spring Storm. As I sit here trying to think of what to say in this post, it's storming (kind of) here in northern Illinois. No lightning, but a bit of thunder and lots of rain. Too bad it's washing the warm temps away with it.

Ignoring the fickleness of spring temperatures, Crystal sent out a few promos saying that I'd talk about how I got the idea for Spring Storm. In a word: desperation. The original story that I had thought to do didn't work out. I had two weeks left to turn in a story. Brainstorming session needed. Hmm, new website with a decided Celtic theme, long time interest in mythology (though my strength is Greco-Roman), who was the Celtic god of lightning? As it was late at night and I didn't have my reference collection easily on hand, I did a quick internet search. While he's more like Hermes than Zeus, the Celtic god Lugh is loosely associated with lightning. This is fiction, I decided to run with it ;)

Now, how to run with this bit? Well, about a week or so before, I'd been looking at a book in my library's collection that was about Irish surnames. Why not an ancient Irish curse on a family? And so my story was born.

The women in Gwyn Murphy's family have known nothing but sorrow when it comes to men. Her grandmother has constantly told her that the only thing a man is good for is as a sperm donor. Gwyn's never forgotten that her mother always looked for the best in people, especially men, before her death. Yeah, Gwyn's father left when she was nothing more than a baby, but Gwyn's mom made sure she understood that not everyone was like that.

Aiden Loughlin always laughed when his dad said that he'd know when he found his soul mate. He soon realizes his dad didn't even come close to telling him the truth.

And that's my Surge! You can purchase it here or check out my website for more information. Be sure to take a look at the other Surges too :) Being punny for a moment: they're electric ;) Yes, I have a weird sense of humor.

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