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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Switch Hitting

Announcing a great reason to buy Switch, the new Phaze HeatSheet from the twisted minds of Alessia Brio and Will Belegon! A reason in addition to the fact that if you don't buy it, you'll probably waste the time randomly clicking through MySpace pages about people you never wanted to get to know anyway. A reason in addition to the fact that it only costs $2. Face it; there are so many less interesting ways to spend two bucks!

What can you get for $2 anyway? Okay, you could get a box of Pop Tarts if you catch them on sale, and Pop Tarts can be pretty good, especially the brown sugar ones on a morning after... *ahem* But after you eat them, they're gone forever. Then all you have left for your money is the FDA nutritional information on the box. That's a pretty boring read. Even the tabloid drama of Britney and Kevin is more interesting than... Okay. Maybe not. But Switch is WAY sexier then Britney-Kevin or even Pop Tarts.

Switch continues the erotic adventures of Bruce & Mandy from Alessia Brio's Erotique. If you've read Erotique, you know that these two should be ready for almost anything, but in Switch even they are caught by surprise. It's not necessary to have read Erotique to understand and enjoy Switch. This story stands on it's own. But if you have already read it, you'll get a couple of extra laughs--and if you haven't, you'll certainly want to after reading Switch. (Erotique is yet another $2 bargain!)

So, what's this great reason to plunk down $2 and read our new HeatSheet? A contest! Yes, a contest blatantly copied from fellow Phaze author Jessie Verino. (We mention that because our lawyer said she probably wouldn't sue us if we gave her a free plug. Our lawyer said he was going to make sure of it, but we haven't heard from him in weeks. His machine said something about a chance to go hunting with the Vice President and that was the last contact.)

Anyway, here's what you gotta do... First, read the story. You can buy it by clicking on the banner above, and... Oh, wait. Okay, starting over. First, click on the banner above and use your credit card to buy Switch. (If you don't have a credit card, we'd be happy to accept payment via PayPal & handle the transaction for you, attaching your purchase to a return e-mail. Just drop Alessia an e-mail and we'll go from there!) Second, read the story. Third, answer the questions below. Fourth, e-mail your answers to Alessia or Will. Last, check out Will's Yahoo!Group on Saturday, May 6th (when we'll announce the winner).

Prize: The winner will have the choice of ONE of the following:

  1. A Phaze mug or mouse pad
    Shipped directly to the winner from Phaze's CafePress shop

  2. A pair of vibrating nipple clamps
    Shipped directly (and discreetly) to the winner from the vendor.

  3. A Coming Together multi-volume CD
    Contains 38 erotic short stories and 34 poems, many accompanied by original illustrations. This autographed CD features volumes 1-2 plus the special hurricane relief edition in PDF format. (Adobe Reader also included.)


  • What will Bruce accept in lieu of his attorney fee?

  • What does Bruce use to keep the grapes from rolling off Mandy's body?

  • What does Mandy tell Bruce to stop playing with?

  • What did Bruce & Mandy find "better post-coitus"?

  • What do "so many cultures" associate with storms?

Tie Breakers:

  • To what was Bruce referring in his last line of dialog in Switch?

  • From what type of stone was Erotique's Italian Renaissance diletto (dildo) carved?

Responses should be e-mailed to either Will or Alessia no later than Friday May 5, 2006 @ midnight Eastern (9pm Pacific). The winner will be announced on Saturday May 6, 2006 on Will's Yahoo!Group. Subscribe by visiting


Michelle said...

Did someone say Vibrating Nipple Clamps?!?
Very excited for y'all. And can't wait to read Switch! :)

Alessia Brio said...

Why, yes! Someone DID say "vibrating nipple clamps" :) Guess we know what you'll choose if you win! *grin*

Mychael Black said...

Howdy, you two! *waves*

M_Scarlett said...

Hey, that was my thought exactly. "Vibrating nipple clamps!" You wouldn't see that sort of thing at Publisher's Clearing House.

Alessia Brio said...

Yo, partner, the nipple clamps are a HIT! (Should we tell 'em that Mandy & Bruce enjoy them, too?)

Will Belegon said...

Yeah, I think ya just did...Hey folks! Never mind the brunette with the Impressive rack over there, I've got Free Pop Tarts (*crowd ignores Will to continue staring at Alessia*)
Oh, hey! This one has a swirl in the icing that looks exactly like Tom Cruise jumping Oprahs couch!

(In the resulting stampede, Will pulls Alessia aside to discuss giving away plot points. He refrains from spankings, knowing it will immediately attract Michelle & Scarlett's attention.)

Aurora Black said...

Yummy book, yummy contest. Good luck to the both of you on "Switch." It's a hell of a book.

Alessia Brio said...

As if my rack could distract from Will's jeans. *rolls eyes*

Now, what were you saying about spankings?

Will Belegon said...

I said that spankings attract you know very well...*grin*

Cricket said...

Hey, yo, whoa. MY clamps, dammit.

Now where's my spankin?

Cricket said...

Oh, uh... It's ent, btw. :D

Will Belegon said...

Crickets are, at least in this case, such adorable little things. I just have to be careful not to crush you my dear...

Cricket said...

i'm not quite THAT squishy, lovely.

Sherri said...

Hey, you guys ARE hiding in the comments! This isn't "technically" guest blogging -- someone LIED to you! This is comment hijacking.

Anyway, at least now I can go back to the AH and tell people where you are!

Alessia Brio said...

I thought Hide 'n Seek was a good idea. *shrug* It's been lots of fun every other time I've played.