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Saturday, May 06, 2006

And the winner is ...

Our Switch contest has a winner: Aurora Black! Aurora was our only entrant who correctly answered ALL of the questions (including the tie breakers). CONGRATULATIONS!

Prize: Aurora now has the choice of ONE of the following:
  1. A Phaze mug or mouse pad
    Shipped directly to the winner from Phaze's CafePress shop

  2. A pair of vibrating nipple clamps
    Shipped directly (and discreetly) to the winner from the vendor.

  3. A Coming Together multi-volume CD
    Contains 38 erotic short stories and 34 poems, many accompanied by original illustrations. This autographed CD features volumes 1-2 plus the special hurricane relief edition in PDF format. (Adobe Reader also included.)

Questions (and Answers):
  • What will Bruce accept in lieu of his attorney fee?

    A blow job.

  • What does Bruce use to keep the grapes from rolling off Mandy's body?

    Cream cheese dip.

  • What does Mandy tell Bruce to stop playing with?

    Her/his tits.

  • What did Bruce & Mandy find "better post-coitus"?

    The fruit, the cheese, and the wine.

  • What do "so many cultures" associate with storms?


Tie Breakers:
  • To what was Bruce referring in his last line of dialog in Switch?

    Almost being sacrificed to Aztec goddess Tlazolteotl at the end of Erotique.

  • From what type of stone was Erotique's Italian Renaissance diletto (dildo) carved?

    Carrara marble.

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