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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wax on! Wax off!

Nope, I wasn't learning how to become the next karate master by waxing a car, although I did apply wax to a hulking figure. I attended another demonstration luncheon given by the Virginia Dommes and male submissives group. We started off with light conversation and a great lunch, all served by a man wearing 4" black stilettos and harem pants. Yep, just a typical Sunday. Then we got to the good part: the waxing!

We had another submissive willing to be the guinea pig to 4 women and the Domme teaching us. That's right, guys. One guy on an inversion table with 5 women around him. Sounds heavenly until I tell you that we painted hot parrafin wax on his body. Okay, so it wasn't boiling hot. We did let it cool down a little. Yeah, just a little.

But the submissive was really into it. He had done it once or twice before but never with paint brushes. And trust me. We got him EVERYWHERE with the wax, even places he initially didn't want us to go. Guess it felt too good to him or he was afraid of disappointing his Mistress. Afterward he said it was an absolutely intoxicating experience. He seemed really happy.

Oh! For those thinking of trying this on your own. The trick is to rub baby oil all over the person's body first so that the wax comes off easier. Also you can use something as cheap and simple like a Glade candle, just not the gel ones! Those will hurt when poured on the body and BDSM is not about pain, believe it or not.

Once you hear that first "Ohhhh!" when you start getting the wax on the person's body, you will be hooked into doing this every time you get intimate.

So, who wants to go first?

Stay sexy,


Alessia Brio said...

Will & I have a waxy collaboration in the works right now, actually! *grin*

Leigh Ellwood said...

You should open a salon. ;-)

Bridget Midway said...

Why am I not surprised that you two have a waxy collaboration, Alessia? *LOL*

A salon? No way! I could paint one dude but I can't imagine doing that ALL day especially if they make "that" noise. Ohhh! Ahhh! Yesss! I can only take so much.


Stella Price said...

in college i was privy to seeing something close to this, just by a bunch of crazy amature art student photographers. the assignment was to do a fettish shoot (no kidding) and one lunatic picked this guy to pour wax down his back, in MY kitchen. Well at the time i was all for it, so....

the brought this guy in and well, they forget to shave his very hairy back. I mean this was hald a sweater he was wearing. they poured some wax down and took the picktures... success right? WRONG! try getting clumps of wax outta clumps of back hair. Noone wanted to touch it...


Bridget Midway said...

The submissive we worked on had lots of hair too. I'm telling you. The baby oil worked. Some stuck just because it broke off in pieces. But otherwise it all came out. Then he took a shower and was right as rain!