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Monday, August 14, 2006


Other People's Secrets by Cassie Walder
Gina Matthews is determined to put the past behind her and make a new life for herself and her career. Leaving Houston and her unfaithful fiance behind, she heads for Illinois, yet finds some aspects of the past are difficult to avoid.
Meeting handsome Bernard LaCroix, Gina realizes how difficult it will be to live without love. Bernie is everything she wants in a man, and everything her former love is not. But can their love survives her secrets, and the secrets of others?

The Black River by Philippa Grey-Gerou
Freelance journalist Kerri Jackson yearns to see the real Amazon, and capture its true essence for her readers. Angel Cordoval would rather see her on a plane home, along with the hundreds of other touristas posing a threat to the delicate ecosystem of the rainforst. Yet when Angel concedes to guide Kerri along the Rio Negro, another story unfolds as Kerri studies Angel in his element. Mutual attraction is strong, but is it enough to keep the city girl in the jungle for good?

Leap of Faith by Kate Willoughby
Stranded by her guide in the mountains of Peru, Kira is grateful for the company of the enigmatic Amaru, who tends to her aching muscles with tender, masterful care. She is instantly attracted to his handsome looks and knowledge of ancient Incan ways, and very curious to know more about the man himself.

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