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Sunday, September 17, 2006

2 new releases from Bianca D'Arc, and Shayne Carmichael and Mychael Black!

Bianca D'Arc's "Sons of Amber: Ezekiel"

Ezekiel is a Son of Amber, a male genetically engineered to help save humanity from extinction after a bio weapon launched by their enemy kills most human males. When Zeke crash lands on an uncharted world, he is rescued by an angel who nurses him back to health. Zeke quickly realizes the secret community located beneath the surface of this inhospitable planet is the only known uninfected colony of humans in the galaxy. He must protect them.

Likewise, he must protect Angela - his angel - the one woman he wants like no other in the universe. He needs her with an urgency he has never before known. He needs her love and her passion, for the rest of his life. But the enemy stalks them. Zeke must find a way to protect his mate and her people. Humanity is rallying and he suspects this small group of uninfected humans will be the key - along with the Sons - to rebuilding the human race.

Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael's The Power of Two

As a vampire Master, Dominic has been eyeing his old friend, Griffith for quite a well. But being a Master in his own right, Grif resisted the notion of Dominic controlling him in any way. With startling skill, Dominic sets out to change that refusal. He has his own deep interest in him, born of watching Grif's submission at the hand of another Master. Even though Dominic can't help but toy with his old friend, in truth, he wants him only an an equal. But how to convince Grif without letting his guard down is Dominic's biggest issue.

Aware of some of that interest but not the reason for it, Grif has his own secret. His trust had been violated by his own vampire Master, and since that night, he's refused to let another dominate him. And he'd swore to himself that no one ever would.

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