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Monday, September 04, 2006

2 new releases from Jenna Allen and Jessie Verino!

Jessie Verino's Spellbound

He can't leave. She can't stay.

Joshua Neville has been cursed. Spellbound as a dimensional spirit to a house he built over 100 years ago. Solange Monroe is a home security specialists staying at the house for the summer. As a descendent of the woman who cursed him, she is able to see him when others can't.

An instant attraction draws the couple together, and his unique ability to "phase" through time adds an unusual twist to their lovemaking. However, it's the unusual twisting of her heart that has her worried.When he asks her to help him return to his own time so he can clear his name for a murder he didn't commit, will she succeed at the risk of losing her heart, or will their budding love be stronger than a century old curse?

Jenna Allen's "Daisy"

What is better? Acting out a fantasy or making love in reality?He calls and she comes running. She’s ready and willing to play whatever game he’s dreamed up. Deep in the woods, he pulls out a knife and she wonders just what he has planned. And just what would Daisy do?

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