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Sunday, October 22, 2006

2 new releases from L.E. Bryce and Courtney Bee

L.E. Bryce's Dead to the World

Servant and consort of the Lady of the Waters, a powerful sea goddess, Erred is captured by slave traders during a pilgrimage and borne across the desert to be sold. In the decadent city of Tajhaan, he is trained in the arts of love to become a pleasure slave and eventually a courtesan. But in the claustrophobic world of intrigue and brutality he inhabits, what place is there for hope, faith--or love?

Courtney Bee's "Mina"

Beautiful, otherworldly Mina could have any man she wants. Why she chooses to be with shy, insecure Aron is anybody's guess...especially Aron's. Yet when these two colleagues grow closer it becomes clear that to Aron that the secret to attraction lies not only in outward appearance, but the beauty that comes from within.

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