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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


No this post isn't relevant to the Flav. The next one will be, though. This is your wake up call to a spontaneous, last-minute contest I'm holding for the release of Daring Young Man, Book 3 in Dareville. In Dareville, everybody knows what time it is!

Daring Young Man by Leigh Ellwood

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October, 2006
ISBN 1-59426-620-4

Book Three of the Dareville Series!

Having weathered a bad marriage, Lauren McKenna is ready for a meaningful, loving relationship. Not with just anybody, either...she's set her sights, and her heart, on Dareville's favorite grocer, Jake Marbury, a man nearly twice her age.

It's been a year since Jake lost his wife to cancer, and he is hardly interested in starting over with a new love. Despite pressure from family and friends to retire, Jake is happy running the store, and looking forward to expanding to a new location. The need for help inadvertantly leads him to Lauren, who takes the opportunity to win Jake.

Can Lauren convince the silver fox with the heart of gold that he's not too old to love again? Will Jake be able to find more to fill his heart than work?

Size: Comet
Rating: Nebula

Dareville readers be warned: this book is a slight different from other Dareville offerings. Oh, there's sex to be had and seen, but you will find the story takes on a different angle than Truth or Dare and Dare Me. This is a loving tale of finding love after loss, strengthening friendship, and just pure enjoyment. It touches on themes that are important to me, like loving beyond 40 and living after cancer. You'll see some of those themes become more apparent in the contest prize I'm giving away.

For now, though, enjoy the book. Be back soon with more great Leigh/Phaze news.


Ali said...

Oh, Leigh, this sounds like an excellent read :-)

Mychael Black said...

I love the blurb. It's kinda nice to see something other than the usual ultra-hunk in his mid 20s.

Hi, Leigh! *waves*

Tehya said...

< grins> This sounds like its going to be wonderful !!