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Monday, October 30, 2006

Let's Get Wet

Coming Together-Special Hurricane Relief Edition
Good morning! I'm taking over the blog today to shout about Phaze's digital release of the Special Hurricane Relief Edition of Coming Together.

First, though, let me share a little bit of history about Coming Together.

A couple years ago, some writer friends & I were tossing around ideas for bundling our short stories and poetry into a self-published print anthology. At the time, none of us were professionally published. We hammered out the details of a vetting system to screen the stories. Submissions had to receive a certain number of endorsements before being accepted for inclusion. We got bogged down, however, when the discussion turned to money and how to handle the distribution of the proceeds. Would it be an even split, or would longer stories get proportionally more? What about poetry and illustrations?

That's when the suggestion was made to donate the proceeds to charity. We realized that the sales income, once divided 15 or 20 ways, was never going to amount to much. But, if we came together, we could do some good AND get a wider audience for our work.

We chose our primary charity. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a nonprofit group of passionate people-lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries-working to protect your digital rights.

The first volume of Coming Together hit the cyber-shelves of CafePress in June of 2005. (Incidentally, that was the same month I joined the Phaze family with a contract for fine flickering hungers, my single-author anthology.)

Three months later, a second volume followed. Then, Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, and we decided that we needed to come together for another cause!

To be continued ...


Harley Stone said...

Congratulations, Alessia, on your editing work! I'll be placing my order and can't wait to see the finished product. I have it on good authority that the entries are exceptionally wet and stormy. ;) That's my kind of reading.

Sherry Hawk said...

We wouldn't have come together like we have without you, Alessia! You've done a great job getting all the editions of Coming Together organized, edited, and now published! I'll be ordering mine this week, and probably a few print editions for Christmas gifts....thanks again!

victoriablisse said...

I always love Coming Together with you Alessia. I'm enjoying reading back on how this venture came together and I'm just off to buy my hurricane relief copy from Phaze. I'm looking forward to getting wet ;)

Alessia Brio said...

Thanks, ladies!

Readers: These three talented writers have work in this volume.

Phaze author Victoria Blisse penned the Introduction.

Harley Stone wrote "Ridden Tempest."

And Sherry Hawk's story "The Fury" is published under the nickname Cloudy.

Eden Bradley said...

Awesome that you're doing this project!

Will Belegon said...

I have so many great memories associated with this project and with the writers associated with it. I was proud to a part of it then and am now, and I am very proud of my publisher for supporting the cause and of my partner for all her extra work.