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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meanwhile, back in Dareville

Okay, with the recent and coming Dareville releases, I don't want readers to get confused. I'd set up a Dareville page on the Phaze Wiki, but I'm going to post here for convenience. Funny, I never intended the series to go beyond four major stories, but I find it's so much fun to write splinter stories. More characters step up to the forefront and want to be heard, and I find I want to tell you all about them.

So here is listed the current reading order of the Dareville series. Some are out now, some coming soon, and some have yet to be written. Mind you, when all is said and done, there's probably another story in the works.

Truth or Dare - the story of mistaken identity, X-rated dessert, and teaching old dogs better tricks that started everything. Couple: Brady and Ellie
Dare Me - award-winning merriment, playing with food, and each other, in the woods, in the shower, on ledges... Couple: Cal and Sue
Double Dare - what happens in Vegas...should happen to me every day. Couples: Brady and Ellie, Cal and Sue
Daring Young Man - talking sex toys, mourning love and finding it again in Aisle Six...ty-nine. Couple: Jake and Lauren
Dare to Dream - yes, you can go home again, so be sure to come and come often. Couple: Claire and JJ IN PROGRESS
A Winter's Dare - the weather outside is frightful, but Dare House is quite delightful... Couple: Kate and Devon COMING IN DECEMBER

Dulce is Dareville, and it isn't. References to Dareville are made, but I don't consider it part of canon just yet, not until I get the main characters back to the US for a down home reunion. It does feature Chelsea, the jazz singer for whom Cal worked, and you never know she may get another story. The possibilities are endless.


Ali said...

Glad to hear that you're not stopping at four :-)

Liz said...

We always want more