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Monday, October 30, 2006

The Rainy Day Stories

In the fall of 2004, a beloved colleague on the Author's Hangout (forum) proposed a writing challenge: that we each write an erotic short story in which the sex takes place in the rain. Little did we know that those stories would serve a far greater purpose when, barely a year later, we needed to come together quickly.

What better theme for the Special Hurricane Relief Edition of Coming Together than a big batch of storm inspired stories? Fifteen rain-soaked stories that arose from that challenge, in addition to several poems written in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, are included in this compilation. After reading it, you will never feel the same about rain. (Trust me on this one!)

From the Preface:
Death and sex. Disaster and sex. It seems that personal tragedy requires affirmation of life. What bigger affirmation do we poor people know that has the same intimacy, the same energy, the same shout-it-from-the-rooftops-we-are-here, as the act of physical love when faced with the apparently random acts and displays of unparalleled puissance and anonymous destruction?

We pour our love, our hot volatile need, our gentle but urgent persuasions towards, around and into our partner of the moment--wishing, hoping and anticipating our reward. That small, endless, titanic, momentary reward which leaves us less and increases us greatly. Knowing our variously voracious or inconsequently insipid appetites can never be filled, we nevertheless contrive to partake of it again.

In that act, that race towards orgasm, that outpouring of lust, we defy nature, scream at the stars, and challenge the cosmos to do its damnedest.

And so, be it by acts of sexual abandon, gentle love, or basic urges, we declaim to an uncaring universe: We are alive. We thrive. We will continue.



Will Belegon said...

After reading it, you will never feel the same about rain.

This is so true. But for me, the greatest thing about this anthology being picked up by Phaze and made available to a larger audience is that there are so many good authors here that will be introduced to a new audience. Some of them were formative to my own confidence as a writer, such as Harley Stone and Honey123. This is well worth the investment before the cause. Add the charitable bent and this becomes a must buy!

victoriablisse said...

Yes, living in Manchester I see alot of rain and I'm justwaiting now for a lovely rainy day so I can curl up in my sofa and listen to it tap,tap, tapping on the window as I re-read these erotic gems.

Alessia Brio said...

I'm way biased, Will, but you're right. There is some damned good stuff in this book!

Savannah Reardon said...

Looking forward to reading all the other stories in the book!