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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Aurora Black's Snowflake Contest

Hello and welcome! I'm glad that you're here. Let's have some fun, shall we?

It's a very special time of year, and for that reason I'm offering this as a Christmas gift in honor of my new Phaze Snuggler release, "Melting the Ice Queen":

Description: 18" Solid Sterling Silver Snowflake Necklace. Snowflake is 3/4" across.

To receive my gift, all you have to do is purchase a copy of my sensual winter tale (from either Phaze or Fictionwise), forward me your confirmation e-mail at aurora (at) whoisaurorablack (dot) com and answer the trivia questions below.

Trivia Questions:
1. Why did David's marriage fall apart?

2. Before Christabel took the job in New York, where was she (which city)?

3. Who wrote the famous poem quoted in the story?

4. Why was Christabel hesitant to ride with David to the business meeting?

5. What was David's "fee" to show Christabel around New York?

Bonus Question: What did Christabel notice about David when they first met on the lake?

To purchase the book through Phaze, click this link:

Join me and make the season bright by winning a lovely sterling silver snowflake necklace to celebrate Melting the Ice Queen!

Please send your responses to me (along with a forwarded confirmation of purchase) at aurora (at) whoisaurorablack (dot) com before Wednesday, November 29th. The winner will be announced later that day during the Phaze chat with me and Victoria Blisse (in Phaze's chatroom, from 7-9pm EST). Please feel free to chat with us and see if you've won!
Thank you in advance, and I wish you all a happy Holiday season.


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