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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Excerpt #1 "He Came Upon a Midnight Clear"

When Ginny turned around again, she found him already bundled in the blanket, which was good since she saw his boxer shorts as well as his jeans on the floor. Yup, he was naked under there, all right. Alone, in the middle of the night, with a naked stranger. She should probably be nervous. Ginny's heart was beating faster, but not with nerves.

Trying her best to ignore the boxer shorts, she retrieved the sopping wet jeans from the floor and hung them from an old nail stuck in the mantle. The family who owned this house probably hung their Christmas stockings there. Ginny hadn't bothered to hang her stocking this year, but the naked and shivering Christmas gift she'd found in the snow qualified as the best thing she could imagine filling her stockings anyway.

Sitting down next to him, she found the couch literally vibrated with his shivering. "How do you feel now?"


Short and to the point. She wondered if he was always a man of so few words or if hypothermia caused it. Oh, well. She considered herself a flexible kind of girl. She could deal with either a talker or a quiet man. Besides, verbal ability in a male was overrated, anyway.

"I think your core body temperature dropped too low. You must have been out there for quite a while before I found you. We have to warm you up somehow."

The stove in the kitchen operated on electricity so she couldn't make him hot tea. Her fire looked pathetic, so she couldn't even warm the kettle in the hearth like some pre-electricity pioneer woman. That left only one thing for her to do. "The boiler in the basement won't work until the electricity comes back on so I guess we're going to have to share body heat."
Still clutching the blanket for dear life and shaking, he watched her wide eyed as she stood and stripped out of her own jacket and began to unbutton her pajama top.

She paused. "Close your eyes."

He half laughed, half chattered. "You're going to crawl under this blanket with me naked to warm me up but I can't watch you undress?"

"That's correct."

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Loretta said...

Oh, I just loved this excerpt.

Ali said...

I love this excerpt too, lol :-)