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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hello, everyone!

I'm Aurora Black, and I'm posting on the Phaze blog today to celebrate the release of my Phaze Snuggler, "Melting the Ice Queen." Care to join me?

Melting the Ice Queen by Aurora Black

November, 2006
ISBN 1-59426-584-4

David Shaw is alone at his winter retreat when by chance he meets Christabel, a woman known for her cold heart. Immediately enchanted by the mysterious stranger, he is determined to break down her icy defenses as he falls hard. Underneath her tough-as-nails exterior, he sees the heart of a woman in need of love.

After their surprise encounter in the snow, Christabel Lockheart never expected to see David again so soon, especially not in the workplace. As they work together, she tries in vain to deny the hunger she feels every time he looks at her. Will she hold on to her precious control? Not if he has anything to say about it.

Rating: Pulsar
Length: HeatSheet


Will Belegon said...

Morning 'Rora...

now why did ya have to go putting ideas in my head about sexual tension in the workplace when I'm AT work? *sigh* Okay, today just got a little more interesting...

Aurora Black said...

Mouahahaha! ;O)

victoriablisse said...

Hiya 'rora :) Congrats on the release or your snuggler -it's a real thrill isn't it?

Aurora Black said...

Yes, it is. It's wonderful, like having laughing gas in the dentist's chair. *wink*