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Sunday, November 26, 2006

On my computer it says "11:54" so I've got 6 minutes to post what I've been meaning to say all day. Life can get crazy sometimes, and we have to squeeze in writing wherever we can!

I have a couple of upcoming releases that I wanted to mention. First, and probably most importantly to anyone that read Morningstar, is the sequel to that book, Sanctuary. It starts exactly where Morningstar left off, and it ties up a lot of those loose ends. However, the Morningstar universe has been such a pleasure to write, there may be a third or even a fourth book about it! Who knows?

Another book that will be coming out in 2007 is Tangled web. I'm really excited about that one. No vampires this time, but there will be hot guys falling in love. It's an historical, as is Wicked Game, another ebook planned for 2007. You can be sure they will both be steamy good fun.

And finally, there's a shorter one, part of a compliation with three other Phaze authors, all of which will be M/M. Can't wait to read the other two stories!

Have a great night, everyone, and hopefully your weekend is going more smoothly than mine!


victoriablisse said...

Sounds wonderful Jade, have a lovely weekend!

Loretta said...

I love to read books that are part of a series.

Jade said...

Thanks Victoria and Loretta! :)