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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


"HE CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR is a perfect story to pick up when you have a little bit of extra time to read and relax. Cat Johnson always does a wonderful job writing stories that draw readers into the lives of the characters. I loved reading about Ginny’s "ah ha" moment where she realizes that mom just may have been right all along..."
Romance Junkies Reviews
Rating: 4.5 Blue Ribbons
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What is Romance Junkies reviewer Chrissy Dionne referring to in the above? Here's the excerpt of Ginny's 'ah ha' moment.

It's a Wonderful Life came on, again, the colorized version. Gag! Why couldn't people leave well enough alone? Black and white movies were meant to remain just that, black and white. In silent protest, Ginny changed the channel and came upon a talk show called The Relationship Doctor, the topic of the day—how to find a man. About to flip again, she stopped when the relationship 'expert' said, " are alone because subconsciously you choose to be so."

She paused long enough to give the supposed expert on television her opinion on that theory.

"Yeah, sure, Doctor Idiot, I choose the fact that every man I meet is old and married."

As if speaking directly to her, the Relationship 'Doctor', who she doubted was really a doctor at all, continued. "Yes, you do. Think of where you choose to work, to live, to shop, to recreate. Are these places where you are likely to meet the man of your dreams?"

Ginny sat on the couch mouth agape. The doctor of course spoke to the woman on television, but it seemed as if he addressed Ginny directly. She thought over her choices. Ginny chose to be a writer, a solitary profession, and to live and work on a country estate where the only men she came across were the mailman and the old guy who delivered the heating oil. And recreation? Ha! Surfing the channels on television and reading pretty much covered it. Zero man potential there. It was her own fault she remained alone. Her mother might be right!

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