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Monday, November 27, 2006

Wow we havent been here in ages!

Greetings all you swell people in blogland... Audra and I have been away too damn long. So today is our bloggy day, and im not sure what to talk about. I do know i wanna tell you guys about Glamour, the second in the Djinn Series we have with Phaze. Its coming out December 31st, and you should really pick it up, its the prefect way to ring in a kinky new year. LOL.

So whats it about? Glad you asked. If you recall, we have another book with phaze called Wishes. Wishes is the story of A Djinn named Nicodemus Marsh and the woman that becomes his consort, Janey Duvall. Its short and sweet and extremely hot in the erotic department. So Glamour takes place 6 months after Janey is bound to the Djinn and they are co-habitating. Janey still runs the spy and assassin network, and decided, after a lengthy conversation with her assistant, that she needs to go to Beighing and find out why one of her prime assassins has not finished the contract she was sent to do. In order to do that though, Janey needs to convince Marsh to come with her.

Marsh, on the other hand, isnt a hard sell, but has his own ideas of what they are going to be doing in Beijing. None of it is of the g-rated kinda stuff.

And you also meet Malcolm Frost, our one and only vampire in this book. He is first lutenient to Sean Taylor (aka Cash, for those of your who read our eververse series) and is sent to help or hinder the investigation Janey is leading.

And oh btw... did i mention the book is rife with kinky sex? LOL.

Anyways, we are going to be running a contest... for some goodies from the Djinn series. All you have to do to enter is comment here. The prize? Marsh-approved goodies from our promo closet... magnets, postcards, bubbles, chopsticks, pens, stickers, and other stuff we got just for the Glamour release... So what are you waiting for? Blog it up!


Cathy said...

what a great cast of characters. Stories sound intriguing.

Loretta said...

Your books on the Djinn Series sound like they will be great reads. I will have to go and check them out.

Will Belegon said...

Sorry I missed your day, Stella...Mondays are crazy days for me always and after the holiday weekend, this one was even more so...