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Monday, December 18, 2006

2 new releases from Vivien Dean and Kate Burns

Vivien Dean's "The Ice Butterfly"

Ten years ago, a searing affair nearly derailed Tomas Dalmau’s budding career. Now Rana, the winter elemental who robbed him of more than his innocence, has struck again.
As a sentinel, charged with keeping order in the paranormal world, Tomas knows his witchcraft can’t touch Rana. He asks for the case anyway. Why? Because he has a weapon the other sentinels don’t have. And he is bound and determined to take back what she stripped away the first time they met.

The only problem is…desire doesn’t die. No matter how cynical you are.

Kate Burns' "Halfpipe Romance"

When Molly's boyfriend Seth invites her to go on a romantic snowboarding weekend she's thrilled. Picturing long, steamy evenings spent in front of a roaring fire while snowflakes swirl outside, she completely disregards one small fact. Molly can't snowboard--not at all. But, she reasons, her sexy boyfriend can't really expect to go snowboarding--can he?

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