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Monday, December 04, 2006

Competition Time!

I've got a sweet, sweet treat of a prize for one lucky phaze blog visitor! I have a selection box of Cadbury's Chocolate, a genuine English Christmas cracker and 3 recipe cards telling you how to cook all the food mentioned in "Proving Santa Exists." Plus one extra special surprise!

D0 you want to win this unique set of gifts? Well, it's simple enough to do. Grab your copy of "Proving Santa Exists" and answer these three simple questions:

1: Which film/movie does Jenny watch every year as part of her Chritmas Eve routine?

2: What do Jenny and John visit before going to midnight mass?

3: Which two carols does Jenny recall right at the end of the story?

Email me your answers to and I'l lannounce the Winners, here on Friday 8th December 2006.

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