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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Couple Of Research Tips

Some things I do whatever I might be researching
1. I word my search every possible way I can think of
2. I search both web and images
3. I use Google and Yahoo
4. Generally I go through the first 5 pages of results and open possible sites in a new window
5. If there's nothing in the first 5 pages I go through the first 10
6. If I get no results I start over and try to reword my search terms
7. I turn off safe search
8. When I find a useful website I bookmark it and sometimes copy and paster the relevant info
9. I also go through a lot of print books, usually looking at the index for terms I'm interested in
10. And ask friends and family who might have information on your subject, most will be thrilled to help


victoriablisse said...

Great tips Penny -thanks!

PennyAsh1 said...

No problem :)

Angel said...

The question arises, how much research is enough?

I mean you don't want to label Kansas City as Springfield (as a recent TV miniseries about terrorism did) but you don't want to hit John Norman levels of text-block and boredom.

I find when the sources are repeating each other instead of bringing in new stuff, I have a pretty good handle.

When do you stop?