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Monday, December 04, 2006

Good Morning From Victoria Blisse

Well, actually it's mid-aftrnoon for me. Anyway, I'm in charge of the Phaze Blog todaay and I'm going to be helping you all get into the Festive Spirit as Christmas is coming and will be upon us before we even realise it.

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet? Do you have particular traditions for your Christmas decorating? My sister's birthday is on the 5th of December so Christmas decorations have always goneup the weekend after that in my family and I keep that tradition in my own home. I love to make deorations with my daughter too. We made a whole nativity scene from toilet rolls, old net curtain and a shoe box last year!

Jenny, from my Christmas Snuggler "Proving Santa Exists" loves decorating for Christmas and invites the office new boy to help her with her tree.

Just then, Jonathan tries the lights once more and the trailing vine lights up. Reds, greens, blues, and pink grapes shine with gaudy Christmas symbolism. I squeal in delight and clap my hands. "Just in time, too! I've just finished the decorations."

"The lights are easily trailed through the forest of baubles, Santa's, fairies, and hanging toys. "Right, just the tinsel now. You start at the top, and I'll go from the bottom, and we'll meet in the middle."

Tinsel trails through my fingertips as I twirl around the tree, stooping low, then bending at the waist, then almost standing straight with just my shoulders stooped. As I raise my head to see how Jonathan is doing, I crack against something hard.

"Oh, I am sorry." I reach out automatically and rub my hand against Jonathan's bumped chin, cupping his cheek in the palm of my hand, like a parent comforting an injured baby. However, the slight prickle of his end-of-the-day stubble reminds me in a powerful way that this is a grown man I'm handling so intimately"

I'll be sharing more excerpts and also giving away a unique Christmas prize later in the ay so please come back later!


PennyAsh said...

No decorations up here yet but they are sitting in the garage ready to go. And the houses all along the street are slowly being lit up and transformed into a fairytale scene at night

Nice excerpt :)

Aurora Black said...

I haven't put up the tree yet. I'm waiting until mid-December because that's when my Christmas spirit kicks in. And we all wouldn't mind touching Jonathan intimately...ROWR! ;)

Alessia Brio said...

The tree's up, but that's it. I haven't hauled the rest of the decorations from the garage attic yet. It's on my "to do" list -- along with a gazillion other things. *wink*

victoriablisse said...

Aurora -Jonathan is a bit of a dish ;)

Penny - It happens more and more in England that people decorate th outside of their houses -I love seeing the twinkling lights going up :)

Alessia -your o do list is probably longer than Santa's!!! ;)

robynl said...

Outside decorations and lights up here at my place and some others. I have a few decos up in the house and am decorating a tree.
Great excerpt; oh my Jonathan!!

Will Belegon said...

We grabbed a few things from storage over Thnaksgiving weekend...still no tree up though...and lots more decorating to do...