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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas from Leigh Ellwood

Sorry to have neglected everyone this holiday season. I resolve in 2007 to stay in better touch with you all. For now, here is my gift to you: a "daring" short to warm your winter night.

A Daring Kiss by Leigh Ellwood

"Look up."

Sue darted her gaze upward and a smile split her features. Taped to the top of the doorway dividing the living room and kitchen was a tiny sprig of mistletoe. Quite small, too, as she would have missed it completely had not her husband Cal corraled her at the threshold.

"Why, Cal Briscoe," she drawled, teasing, "I never pegged you for a sentimental soul."

Cal chuckled and drew his wife into a tighter embrace. "I like to keep you guessing."

"I'll say." She peered past his shoulder and fought to suppress a laugh at the unusual holiday decor of their living room. Three weeks in, and the sight of the half-Christmas tree taking up one corner continued to bring a flutter to her stomach. She'd been well aware of her husband's upbringing - born of one Christian and one Jewish parent - and it only made sense Cal would express his heritage in a humorous way.

The half-menorah, situated on the coffee table, looked ready to teeter from the weight of its candles. Sue still marveled at its structure.

"Yet," she said aloud, "this mistletoe is whole." Miniature yet grandly pungent for its size, Sue inhaled the musky outdoor scent and searched for any sign of such tampering.

"It better be, for what I paid for it," Cal muttered, and Sue playfully jabbed in the ribs.

"Well, I think it's sweet. And, underused, wouldn't you say?"

Like they needed mistletoe to kiss. Several months after the wedding, the honeymoon continued, with every room of the new house being christened. And rechristened. Still, Sue was a sucker for Christmas traditions, and looked forward to celebrating her first with Cal. Observing favorite rituals, and creating new ones.

She closed her eyes and puckered, and waited. When no lips brushed against hers, when she felt no rough patch of five o'clock shadow deliciously scrape her cheeks, she pried one eye open. Cal leaned back, watching her with fascination.


He shook his head and smiled. "It's not that kind of mistletoe," he said.

"Oh? I wasn't aware there was a different genus or species. So, what kind of mistletoe is this? Do we shake hands instead?"

"I hope not. Otherwise I'm taking it back. No, for this kind of mistletoe you do something very different," Cal said, sinking to his knees. "Something I think you'll like more."

It certainly looked promising, Cal on his knees and playing with the zipper of her jeans. She braced her stance and wriggled in time to his ministrations so the denim slipped effortlessly over her hips and down her legs. The lace thong she wore proved no inconvenience for Cal as he wiped the transparent patch away to reveal her shaved pussy.

Stepping out of the jeans, she grasped the jamb and braced for impact. Cal traced a finger up and down her inner labia. An gust of hot breath sent shivers across her skin and she twitched, feeling the moisture slicking up her pussy.

"Merry Christmas," Cal said, and devoured her whole. His lips clamped over her pussy, he attacked her with his tongue. Broad, flat strokes swiped up her pussy lips, encouraging her to part so he could reach her clit. Sue felt her knees threaten to buckle; the sensation of Cal's nether kiss ignited a fire bound to consume her.

Her nipples tingled under her shirt, but she didn't dare let go of the jamb to pinch some relief into them. Spreading her thighs wider, she granted Cal deeper access, crying out as his tongue plunged into her slit to drink from her. Then he was back at her clit, tapping it rapidly and groaning his approval of her taste.

The orgasm stewing inside her grew too big for her balance. The shockwave hit and sent her rocking on her heels, but Cal clamped a hand to her backside and kept her standing as he continued to lick her. Wave upon wave shot upward and lit her skin. She felt brighter than the half-tree blinking behind them.

When finally the pleasure fire faded Cal fell backward with a gasp, rubbing his spine against the other jamb. "I love you, babe," he said, catching his breath. Sue could no longer keep her strength and crumpled to the floor beside him.

"I love you, too."

Cal pointed to the ceiling. "And," he added, "we are never taking that thing down."

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