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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Penny Ash Blog Day

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my first blog. I'm also online in the Phaze Chat room which can be reached from the link on the bottom of the Phaze home page.

My first book, Caesar's Love is coming out in January and I couldn't be more excited. Set in ancinet Rome, it was a lor of fun to research. Feel free to ask me anything sbout writing, researching, or just whatever :)

So, on the subject of research. Is it necessary? Absolutely. Even if it’s not a historical research never hurts. Ever read a book or seen a movie that was set in a place you know only to find out that the author had obviously never been there? Remember how annoying it was and how it ruined the story? I can remember an old western I watched a few months ago where the hero of the story rode through hills and desert scrub to Galveston which is an Island off a coastal swampy area, it totally ruined the story. Take the time to research your facts J someone out there always knows when it’s wrong and will usually tell you.


PennyAsh1 said...

Well the strange extra symbols are... strange. Sorry about that.

victoriablisse said...

Penny -if you've cut and pasted form a word document, that might explain the squiggles. I tend to write mine in word, then paste into say an email or something then copy it again and into the blog -alot of faffing, but it gets rid of the weird symbols for me :D

PennyAsh1 said...

Yeah, I usually don't do that but I was trying to be quick lol. I think my brian went on vacation without me today