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Friday, December 01, 2006

Welcome to December!

It's here at last, and winter isn't far behind. Don't know whether or grimace or cheer for that, do you? Grin...

I promise not to remind you how many shopping days are left until Christmas, though I will say that I got to dance around the house for a while today, because 5 presents that I ordered came in. I LOVE opening the boxes, even when I know they aren't for me. How demented is that? Some days, you have to take the good, wherever you can find it, and the little things mean a lot.

Speaking of presents and holidays, welcome to the Phaze month-long holiday party! Wahoo! How did I get day one of this? I'm still not sure, but anyone who knows me knows I probably won't shut up all month, now that my mouth is open...or my fingers tapping away at the keys.

It's okay; I'm honest about the fact that I talk a lot. Hey, I live with...and work with mainly people that don't reach the center of my chest in height, though my oldest child is going to be taller than me in a couple of years. Guess a little adult talk is good for the soul.

So, what's the deal with this party? It's pretty simple. All month long, this blog and the Phaze reader/Chatter list is going to be hopping. We're going to have some good old fashioned holiday fun, sing some Christmas carols, give away some prizes...and generally get settled into the family warmth of the holiday. How can you not love this company? Where else do you get a holiday party that lasts all month long? If you don't usually hang out around the Chatter's list, you're going to want to start.

Tomorrow, I'll be on the Phaze Chatters, but for today, I'm mainly here! Gear up, though... I'll have some great discussions and games going on at Chatters tomorrow!

Haven't posted here before, so not everyone knows me. Unless you've met me on other lists. I follow about a hundred of exaggeration, so you might have encountered me elsewhere.

I'm with both Mundania and Phaze sides of the company. My first three novellas are out with Phaze, at the moment. Black Sail (from my Mythos series), Enslaved (from my Blood Mages series) and Mama's Tales (from my Naughty Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales) are already out and selling.

Of course, that's not the end. For the Kegin lovers out there, I've signed a brand new Kegin to Phaze. CONQUEST is coming in the spring. There's more coming from all four of those series, so hang on to your seats.

In addition, my first releases on the Mundania side will be coming in 2007! All told, I have three shorts and two novels coming from Mundania in 2007 and 2008, but the first will probably be Fairy Dreams in 2007.

I work for a total of eight publishers and have two new releases coming elsewhere in the next week, so if I come off as frazzled this week, that might be why. Of course, it might also be being president of EPIC ( or the two deadlines I just finished or the two I have coming in the next month or even something completely unrelated. Right now, I'm nursing a hurt hand, because I had to intercept a kick at work the other day. Hmmm...never thought the karate lessons would come in handy for that one. Grin...

So, that's me, and that's what's out and coming from me. You can find out a lot more about me at my site at or my MySpace site at I love talking to readers, so write me anytime.

Be back soon!


robynl said...

Hi Brenna, you busy lady. I started wrapping Christmas presents today; only had one done before this. Bring on the party.

Aurora Black said...

Congrats, Brenna! Whoo!

ksurbeck said...

Congrats on opening day, and what fantastic news about your signing more of the series!! WAHOO