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Sunday, January 28, 2007

4 new releases!

Alessia Brio and Will Belegon's "Artistically Inclined"

Determined not to repeat past mistakes and allow their sex life to become stale and repetitive, Cyndi issues Kevin a Valentine's Day challenge to exchange fantasy lists. His response provides the canvas for an evening of daring inclinations and passionate creativity.

"Sexual tension starts on page one and the consummation is incendiary!" ~ Multiple O's review - Romance Reviews Today Erotic

Michael Barnette's "Games Dragons Play"

Bells and Nikki are back in this sizzling follow-up to Apocalypse Dance. It's Valentines Day and Bells has forgotten to give his Mistress a gift. How will Queen Nikki punish him, and how much will the Immortal enjoy it?

Brenna Lyons' "Conquest"

They were secret lovers, allies separated by borderlines and loyalties. When a threat to Meretta's life forces Culdan to action, the only way to preserve the peace and salvage their relationship is to feign conquest. It's not the Lengar way, but it's the only thing Meretta's Magden Warlord father will respect. Taking her as his bed slave, Culdan has to plant his heir on the run from half of Velt's army. If he manages that before he faces her father, they might just avert a war.

"An interesting short story, check out CONQUEST." ~ Romance Reviews Today Erotic

Kate Burns' "Love Lessons"

When Jenn decides to heat up her ho-hum sex life with her boyfriend, hoping to give them bot a Valentine's Day to remember, her best friend directs her to Bare Minimum, the erotic shop she's sure will be the answer to Jenn's problems. After making an appointment with Greg, the sexy owner of the shop, for private love lessons, Jenn and her boyfriend break up. Jenn decides to keep her appointment with Greg anyway. After all, a few lessons can only be a good thing, right?
Greg, with his sex toys and soft Italian rope, teaches Jenn much, much more than she ever expected to learn. For Jenn, this may turn out to be the hottest holiday she's ever had.

"Kate Burns definitely knows how to keep her readers entertained! This sexy short story is packed full of humor, likeable characters and sexy eroticism." ~ 4 Lips from Two Lips Reviews

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