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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Getting Physical" Excerpt.

"Getting Physical" will be out this spring, below is an little section of it for you to wet your tastebuds with:

"One particular fit fellow caught my eye. He was peddling away on a bike as I rowed, and my eyes were repeatedly drawn to his pumping thighs. His legs were long and lean beneath his black shorts. The arms that showed below his sleeveless T-shirt looked strong and manly. I reckoned they could give a very good hug; also I was pretty sure they'd not let a man down whilst fucking missionary style.

I took a deep breath and turned my concentration to rowing. Such a lean, thin and gorgeous man would never look twice at this boring, brunette blob anyway. Well, I suppose I have some pretty impressive breasts—natural and still quite perky—and my bottom may be big, but it is wonderfully squeezable, or so I've been told. But the kind of guy who hones his body to such an extent was not going to want a gym-shy girlfriend like me. If he's around in the future when I popped in to work out, at least I'd have something nice to look at."

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