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Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Phaze releases 1/21/2007

Penny Ash's Caesar's Love

Laurentius Caesar has everything a man could want: power, prestige, and the admiration of all. He lacks only love, and his hopes for such are amended on meeting one of his house slaves, Auriel. Having known only the life of a servant, Auriel is surprised with her new role as Caesar's lover. Is Laurentius' love strong enough to erase their differences?

Racheal Pierce's Kiss of the Sun

Prophesied to mate with the King of all Vampires, mortal Rosalind possesses unusual powers. Though her attraction to the king Darius is strong and reciprocated, the vampire is reluctant at first to fulfill his destiny with her. When outside forces threaten Rosalind and reveal her role in the vampire world, Darius realizes he must act before he loses his kingdom, and the woman he loves.

Anna Fallon's A Whole New World

Elisia Moore is opposed to her controlling husband dabbling in the dark arts. Although ready to take her life back into her own hands, Elisia cannot believe the adventure she is about to be thrown into.

Taken to the realm of the warrior where her every sexual fantasy can be catered for, Elisia ponders over her happiness and if there is indeed any life left for her in the earth realm.

Faced with the choice of sexual bliss with warrior Ramala and Mistress Deelilah will Elisia return home or stay to enjoy this whole new world.

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