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Monday, March 05, 2007

New Releases - 03/04/2007,+Vol.+I+by+Alessia+Brio,+Leigh+Ellwood,+Bridget+Midway+and+Ann+Regentin/
Four tales of erotic fiction by four Phaze favorites! Alessia Brio continues the Costa Rican adventure that launched fine flickering hungers, her EPPIE Finalist. Bridget Midway shines with "Service Recall," a tale of relationship rebound done right. Leigh Ellwood opens the door to a magical menagé in "Midnight Passions." And Ann Regentin's "Midnight Conversations" explores the sexual memories of a fixer-upper's past occupants.

Adeja ked Shamuz, soldier, rascal and sentry in the royal household of Rhodeen, is appointed to guard the king's younger son, a sensual but self-centered prince who thinks nothing of manipulating Adeja to his own purposes. However, as a looming invasion threatens to drive them apart, their relationship changes, and Adeja finds himself bound to protect the prince he both loves and despises.

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