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Sunday, March 11, 2007

New releases - 03/11/2007

Richard Terrance cannot believe it when he is kidnapped by an ancient sect who worships all the wrong gods. What they ask of him is incredible, for if he goes through with the sexual ritual, his life will never be the same again…

Lady Sara Peters had an odd dream... or was it? Had she really lain in the arms of a dark handsome lover under a full All Hallow’s moon, or was her infatuation with her father’s racehorse trainer playing tricks with her mind?

Two lovers find that an infamous evening and some mystical intervention result in a passion that could only be magical…

"I was simply enthralled by Ritual Passion! Ms. Wildes fulfills her reputation as an interesting and intense author. Ritual Passion was a perfect book. The historical elements are wonderfully accurate, the sex was amazing and the characters were intriguing!" ~ 5 Hearts from The Romance Studio

Athens and Sparta are preparing for a long and epic war. As men go off to battle, Kalliope, a young maiden in the hunting band of the goddess Artemis, is enjoying an idyllic life in the wilderness. While she loves the excitement of the chase, she rankles under the vow of chastity Artemis requires. When she rebels against her vow with the satyr Demetrios, Artemis punishes them with an impossible quest: cross war-torn Greece to the annual Bacchanalia and fetch the pubic hairs of Bacchus himself! Two lovers drawn together in a moment of passion find they must rely on each other to survive. Can love bloom between a former maiden and a satyr?

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