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Sunday, March 25, 2007

New releases - 03/25/2007

Cassidy Kent's "Dolce & Diana"

After a quick and painless divorce, fashionista Diana Radford (formerly Simmons) is ready to start over. With a settlement of three million and a resort island off the coast of Grenada, she decides to realize her culinary dreams by taking over the island's restaurant, naming it "Dolce" after her mother. Although not classically educated in the culinary arts, Diana possesses a rare natural ability and puts it to work creating brilliant Italian/Caribbean fusion dishes.

Chance Kohler is a culinary celebrity like no other, with an arrogance to rival his talent. After helming several 5-star restaurants in the States, Chance jumped at the opportunity to host "Fighting Chance", his own reality cooking series. For the past two seasons, he's faced off against the best and the brightest of the cooking world. When Diana is selected as his next opponent, Chance balks at his producer's choice. The former waitress doesn't even have a degree and has only had her restaurant for six months, even if she is some kind of prodigy!

From the moment Chance sees Diana dicing mangoes in designer couture, she whets his appetite and leaves him craving for second helpings. Diana can't stand his antagonistic edge, but there's no denying the delectable sensuality in his every movement. After all, even if she loses to him, it means press for her resort. But if she wins, Diana will be the series' new host and Chance will suffer the humiliation of losing. Either way, the competition will be fierce but tasty, and the whole world will be watching.

"The story is lighthearted with sensual lovemaking. I recommend this book as an interesting interlude to reality! Good work, Ms. Kent!" ~ 4.5 Hearts from The Romance Studio

Derek Musgrave's "Blood Creek Haunting"

Blood Creek Haunting is the story of a woman who's being haunted by the ghost of an Indian brave. Emily discovers that not only is her house being built on the sacred ground of the Blood Creek Massacre, but also one of her ancestors was responsible for the massacre. Can Emily find a way to repay the debt? Will she survive the haunting?

Michael Barnette's Ragnarok Tango

Jaella and her kinsman Rayné are the last of their kind. Descended from the bloodline of the demonic Prince of the Coldlands it is up to them to protect their people from demons.

But when a demon enters their world Rayné fails to arrive for the summoning that will bring them the help they need, the sire of their bloodline, Raené, Prince of the Coldlands.

With no other choice, Jaella and her companions, the Maidens of the Moon go to the Gate to summon the Prince uncertain if the magic can even work without Rayné.

The summoning does work, but it’s not Prince who answers their call, it’s Snow, a former slave of the Prince, a man now cursed with Immortality. Jaella finds herself powerfully attracted to Snow from the first sight of his magnificent body.

Snow arrives to a world under siege by Guardaaz a demon of destruction who is trying to transform the world into a Demonic Realm of his own. But he encounters a complication he hadn’t expected in the form of a statuesque fire-haired woman who is the blood daughter of his former master, the Prince of the Coldlands.

It will take powerful magic, and some luck for them to save Rayné and defeat Guardaaz.

Fortunately Jaella has a plan.

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