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Monday, April 23, 2007

Excerpt #2 of "I Heart You" ~ Work Safe...Sort of

Title: I Heart You
Author: Aurora Black
Publisher: Phaze
Release Date: May 28, 2007

"You can open your eyes now."

Lucian stood behind her in the spacious room, his hot breath teasing the sensitive shell of her ear and making her shiver. Rachel leaned against him, loving the feel of his rock hard chest and abdomen against her back.

She opened her eyes and was blown away by the beauty of his studio. The walls were decorated with several framed pieces of his work, and she was amazed by his talent. Each wall was dedicated to a particular theme: there were several nature shots in one area, urban skylines in another, followed by exotic landscapes and tasteful nudes.

Rachel stood before one of the sexy pictures, shooting him a saucy look.

"My word, this girl has a big pair of…ears."

His deep laugh warmed her, and she remembered the reason why she asked him to bring him to the studio. She wanted to see the place where he lived and breathed his art. He'd told her that he had a corner office at Travel Today, but she wasn't interested in that place. The studio was the creative space where the Lucian the artist came out to play, and that was exactly what she had in mind.

She looked at her lover, a naughty smile on her lips. She wanted to play with him.

Lucian stepped closer. "There's nothing to worry about, love. I was a complete professional when I took that photo. Besides, the model is nothing compared to you."

Rachel grinned at him. "Good answer. Now, would you consider shooting me?"

He licked his lips, his voice raspy. "In what way, exactly?"

She turned and walked over to the maroon shopping bag that she'd brought with her. Smiling at the memory of her trip to the boutique Ecstasy earlier that day, she picked it up and returned to his side. Her expression was coy as she replied, her cheeks flushed.

"I'd like to pose for you naked. I want you to direct me…and take pictures as I…"

An authoritative gleam entered Lucian's eyes, and Rachel became hopelessly wet. "Say it, baby. I need to hear the words in order to give you what you want."

Her breathing was choppy. "I want you to shoot me while I touch myself for you."

Lucian exhaled forcefully at her words, and his cock stirred in his jeans. She ached to feel it inside her again, pushing apart her walls and possessing her. She wanted to excite him, and she couldn't wait for him to take the reins for their mutual pleasure. He noticed the direction her eyes had taken, and his eyes were clouded with passion.

"I think that can be arranged...."

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